Running London

After a hard day’s shooting I love nothing more than to unwind by lacing up the sneakers and heading out on the streets for a swift sight seeing tour of the capital, at my pace.

I’ve got a pretty fun route laid down which takes me across all the larger landmarks and both North and South of the Thames.

We start from CB HQ on Brick Lane, head South to Aldgate East, minder past one of my favourites Tyyabbs, over Commercial Street and onto Shadwell. I give the DLR a polite wink as we head West and Towards Tower Bridge, on a lucky day it opens its arms for me, on an even luckier day he waits till i’ve crossed.

Once South the pace quickens a bit, the tunes are pumping and I use the tourists vibe to carry me faster and on past Boris and his mates in City Hall. Next up is my favourite London Landamark and Western Europe’s tallest building: The Shard. I was lucky enough to take a trip to the top recently and the view from the top was nothing short of spectacular (CB Tip: head up for sundown and make sure he’s paying)

Next we go back in time and past Shakespeares Globe keeping one eye on the Oxo Tower and with artistic grace, past the Tate. Under its nothing special but the view from Waterloo bridge I’d say is my favourite in London, Big Ben and the Eye to the West and the City and Canary Wharf to the East.

Our actual crossing destination is now in sight, under the gaze of the London Eye and swimming past well wishers out the front of the London Aquarium its lightning quick up the stairs and onto Westminster Bridge. Timing is everything and with Big Ben watching I know I’m on track back up the Embankment, past Blackfriars towards St Paul’s in the direction of  Barbican as the energy now starts to wain. As I reach Old Street the throng of hipsters is encouragement to get moving and back to base camp to shower and faint on the sofa.


IMG_5289 IMG_5291 IMG_5299


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