One of the things I adore about living in the East is the festival vibes which seem to be all around, this weekend I got the chance to be fully immersed in the scene at Lovebox in Victoria Park.

For the last couple of weeks on my show on Hoxton Radio (Tuesday’s 12pm – 2pm) I’ve been featuring bands and artists performing on this year’s bill so to be actually at the festival was quite special.

The weather couldn’t have been better: glorious blue skies and hot hot heat so what to wear?


– Dress: 164 Brick Lane

–  Sneakers: Nike Air Force One

–  Hat: Straw, from Global Gathering

–  Sox: White Frill from Topshop

–  Bag: (stole from flatmate)


We had a pretty packed schedule of interviews and features to film so it was straight to the press tent for my creds and some last minute script changes.

First up: KlangkaRussell – DJ Austrian electronic dance music production group formed in 2011. We were fortunate to catch both members Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held who were in boisterous mood drinking and smoking in the afternoon sun.

IMG_5415 IMG_5413

Their Lovebox set was the start of a busy few months touring Europe across the festival circuit and club scene so we arranged a meeting point for later and both skated off.

Klangkarussell are an Austrian electronic dance music production group formed in 2011. The two members of the group are Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held. Their biggest hit to date is “Sonnentanz”


Throwing Snow

IMG_5422 IMG_5473 IMG_5460

I have so much time for Throwing snow otherwise known as Ross Tones, he was so down to earth holding can of Becks digging performing a set in his hometown. His musical influences are come from a vast array of genres encompassing dubstep, UK funky, house and post-rock, his productions have a consistent comforting warmth and glistening coldness.

His debut LP Mosaics was relaxed June 2nd, He’s a DJ definitely worth watching. He’s already done loads of festivals this year including Sonar in Barcelona and Park life. He admits that LoveBox was one of his favourite.

Ross has recently toured with Bonobo so when I asked him who he most looking forward to watch at Lovebox he said he wanted to watch his pal and Bonobo and Banks…. We sure had one thing in common the artist we wanted to watch the most. 🙂

Ben Pearce

IMG_5467 IMG_5474

I was too excited to be interviewing Ben Pearce, his hit track “What I might do” is constantly playing on my show at Hoxton Radio and all over my iPod.

Ben Pearce’s music is considered Deep House with punk/metal, hip-hop, electronica, soul and funk influences.

I wondered what his ritual was when he gets on stage i.e. does he has a specific drink or says a little pray. he responded ” I always take off my shoes” I was slightly puzzled was it a  “its all gone Pete Tong” kind of moment? He said “No i just get really hot so I like to keep my feet cool” Apprently many people have caught on to this and they like taking pictures of his feet!

What an absolute lad, what ever makes you feel most comfortable 😉

I wanted to say a massive Congratulations to my Friend Ci Ci Cavanagh who played at LoveBox also Love this girl and she’s highly supported in her DJ career.





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