Chiltern FireHouse


To Celebrate  My Bestfiends Birthday she organised an afternoon lunch at Chiltern Firehouse, The Chiltern Firehouse is know for its notorious Alist Celebs ranging from, Kiera And Elton John.

As you walk in, the surrounding look devine, you almost feel as though your walking into the IVY. The Chiltern FireHouse Kept original features from the original firehouse with large doors and high ceilings, the rest is lit by filament lightbulbs, brick tiles on the walls, wooden floors that spill over to tiled flooring and green velvet benches giving a very modern feel with traditional brasserie twists. Everything has amazing decor, White, Prestine and Elegant. The staff are well presented in long dresses or in suit and waistcoat and the managers wore a white suit, green tie, so very Frank Sinatra.

For such a divine event whats a girl suppose to wear??

IMG_5567 IMG_5568

I opted for a Peach Racer Dress from ASOS… Lovely and floaty perfect for a sticky hot afternoon.

Shoes are from Daniel (A designer Boutique in Portsmouth)


IMG_5546The Reasons why I love this dress is because of the jewelled embellish on the straps. Its filled with pink and gold beads giving a simple dress loads of detail. This type of outfit doesn’t need to much jewellery added as theres loads going on with colours and the minor details.

IMG_5553Of course I had my statement Jewellery and  found this amazing chain bracelet, ring set from H&M it has a cute arabian feel to it.

The Gold Jewellery complimented the colours of the Dress and the Shoes to give a fresh feel to the outfit.

The Food at the Chiltern Firehouse was magnificent, the flavours and the presentation were mind-blowing.

My favourite dish had to be the Cornbread fingers with a butter and maple syrup, who would have thought savoury would work so well with a sweet butter dip.

IMG_5555Not to forget to mention a secrete surprise birthday selection desserts…

IMG_5573 IMG_5572

Chocolate tort with Hazelnut ice-cream rolled in biscuit crumbs and a deconstructed Strawberry Cheese Cake.

Luckily the only thing that held you back from ordering more of this delicious food and drink was the prices.

The Afternoon was delightful, I could quite possibly eat there everyday, If I was a millionaire… Slightly broke my bank balance but it was worth every mouthful.





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