Adidas Training

Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to see yourself on a billboard or in a commercial?

Well I was lucky enough to have that sort of experience this week….

Recently I did a shoot for Adidas Training, it was a super fun day injected with energy, exercises and being fussed over.

Early in the morning we arrived on set, I mean really early 8am start, where we were greeted with Adidas, Fashion stylists, Hair and Make up. First job was straight into hair and make up followed by the stylists decided on what tight fitting training outfit to wear. 


We got a briefed on todays  shoot, the tittle was training which meant Adidas wanted the models to model the gym gear whilst exercising but still modelling, i.e. they wanted action shots.

Brilliant I love the gym working out etc, on set I was filled with energy and excitement. there was two other models on set one was a keener gym bunny than me…. now thats saying something.

The shoot started and we were told to do some light exercises and progress to more intense ones. FYI we are still modelling here, so yes we need to show the exercises but I believe the baby oil rubbed on our bodies is to imply the sweat… so we did not necessary need to work out hard? Who do you know that goes to the gym with a face full of make up and your hair freshly done?

So there I was trying to look pretty whilst training and doing exercises and the keeno fitness fanatic took the lead and started making us do lunges, squats, shuttle runs…. I felt like saying Hello what the heck this isn’t a proper work out 😉 even though I might have enjoyed it, i still want to look pretty?!

After several hours of pretending to exercise hard and looking like we are feeling exhausted (The inner actress in me put on a fabulous show) we were released.

It was a great photo shoot and I managed to get some beautiful pictures from it…

 SamRobinson_0514_ADIDAS_TRAINING_SHOT_04_0062-1500x1000But the Highlight of my week was walking into Sports Direct and seeing they have devoted a small wall just to you… Ha so the Adidas Training shoot made it onto the wall at Sports Direct. 

Now I answer… The feeling when you see yourself on the wall of a large brand is overwhelming, I was full of giggles and I felt super proud that I had reach one of my life goals.

Its No Billboard or a huge bus advertisement but its one step closer so ill give myself a wee pat on the back 😉






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