Sisters Hen Do :- Fashion

Its was my Sisters Hen do on the 9th Aug, we are combining the day with Afternoon tea and Cocktails.

What better time to dress up all girly than this occassion…


I opted for a mid length dress from Oasis light blue with flower details.This dress is elegant and floaty, perfect for a warm summers day. The dress is tucked in to my waist to give it added shape and the back has a tail to give the dress length.

IMG_5670Wedges are perfect for a day on you feet, with this type of dress its not a good idea to wear flats, being only 5ft5 with a mid dress you tend to look shorter than you are.

The shoes I wore, were a purchase from Ebay, as soon as I saw the colour I fell in love, they reminded me of barbie, sometimes it good to be really girly.

These shoes were amazing but as my friend said to me they’re ankle breakers… Yes they were high but at least I felt tall for once 😉 amazing to elongate you legs and tower over your friends.

IMG_5821  IMG_5673As you know me by now, i will never leave the house without a piece of jewellery I filled my fingers with gold rings, and in particular I bought a new ring from HM, it looks like a weapon, with spikes that went across two other fingers.

IMG_5829I don’t wear earring but today I opted for a big dangling earring in my cuff… obviously to make my style just a little bit different..


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