9th August Afternoon Tea, Treats, Cocktails and Hen Do…

After numerous outfits tried on and thrown on the floor, I opted for a beautiful blue dress from Oasis with some super pink Barbie shoes ( Ankle breakers)!

Being the sister of the bride It was my obligation to organise the last night of freedom for her. Now my sister isn’t the whistles, strippers and blow up penis kinda gal, so what better way to make her feel like a PROPPA lady then a civilised Afternoon Tea followed by Cocktails.

I managed to group together 15 gorgeous ladies, families and friends and headed to the first destination.

Afternoon Tea Flemings Hotel Mayfair

 IMG_5828 IMG_5694 IMG_5815

Fleming Hotel was the perfect location for such an elegant occasion. Its a Boutique hotel with a mix of modern and gothic interior. Clean, posh and full of mirrors positively awful for 15 vain females. We had a private room for our large party called the Looking Glass, this was positively fabulous as we had personal waiters looking after us with the room, decor and service we felt very privileged and special.

IMG_5818IMG_5817 To gain extra brownie points I hand made 15 name places by writing their names with PVA glue then like a child tipping tons of glitter on the glue, blowing the glitter off, adding a butterfly for final touches… Thank you to the long names such as “Jordana and Ashleigh” you didn’t make my life easy. The food was perfect full of delicate cakes, scones, finger sandwiches with a toast of Champagne at the beginning it was the perfect start to a good day.


241 Cocktails

Making our way East we stopped off at Be at one, Las Iguanas and Drunken Monkey for cocktails. Be at one and Las Iguanas was the perfect place for 241 cocktails. Be at one had some of the best tasting and colourful cocktails…. It appeared the Strawberry Daqruis went down a treat.

IMG_5816 IMG_5714

My Favourite Cocktail at Be at One was the Pornstar, I wouldn’t have the foggest why this delicate Passion fruit Martini with an added Processco chaser would be called such a cheap name, but hey maybe because it sweet, saucy and sexy.

IMG_5731 IMG_5819

Hoxton Pony

The Final destination of the Hen Do was Hoxton Pony, being in the heart of Shorditch it was everything but an East London dirty grimy club, not that I’m complying about those sort of clubs, every one loves a bit a of grime but grime with heels and elegant dresses really don’t mix well. HP has an open plan bar upstairs and the dance floor down stairs. It was modern, colourful (especially the Toilets) and fulfilled with mirrors. By this point of the Hen do everyone was in good spirts bloodstream promoting a high level of alcohol it was time to get the dancing shoes on and let the night take us away….

IMG_5824 IMG_5791 


All in all the Hen do was a success, this hen do didn’t break the Bank balance. Afternoon Tea is a great website to find all the best places for tea in and around London. If your organising the event it doesn’t hurt to suss out what cocktail bars have 241 deals, being in London the drink prices are some what more expensive that other places in the UK, so why not find a place in London where they will give you double the amount of alcohol for your money.

TIP:- I would suggest anyone organising an event, find a FINAL destination i.e. a club or a bar. Get in contact with them and get on guest list or for large parties try and haggle a price! At the end of the day if your party size is large enough your bringing them more business. 

TIP:- Club and Bars love a higher ratio of females than males so make sure you state this in your enquiry, sometimes places give you free entry for females before a certain time.

TIP:- Get to the club on time, you can run the risk of paying double the amount by being late.


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