SoundUp Sessions hosts Oxjam at AIDA, Shoreditch


On the 11th October It was a pleasure that I host Sound Up Sessions very own Oxjam which was in AIDA, if you didn’t know  AIDA let me tell you something… It was its a beautiful clothes shop in Shoreditch.

The Event was to help raise money for Oxfam Charity and we got to see the best of the UK’s emerging talent.

The 6 Artists that perform were..

 Joseph Apostol, Louise Smith, Jaxs (Harry Fisher), Jack Flash, Sam Wills and Jamie Graham. These amazing Artists travelled the UK to come to Oxjam in Shoreditch to perform their best new songs.

Joeseph Apostol


Joeseph Apostol kicked started the show showing off his dynamic soulful voice, his face and voice are recognisable as you probably remember him on the 2013 The Voice Auditions.

Joseph Apostol is a Filipino-British singer and songwriter. His vocals and melodic style show the apparent influence of classic Soul, RnB, Jazz, Blues and Gospel with the edge of mainstream.

Jaxs (Harry Fisher)


The Stylish Jaxs impressed us with his amazing range of vocals he was looking super swagger in his clothes too! Jaxs is amazingly unique and its best to keep your eye out for him.

Louise Smith


Louise Smith killed it on Saturday showing off her amazing vocals, sounding similar to Beyonce Knowles, for such a little thing she has one powerful voice.

I interview Louise Smith on The Hangout back in April, in such a small space of time she has grown so much. Louise Smith is Feisty Firecracker that will give Jessie J a run for her money.

Jack Flash


Jack Flash not only has a powerful name he has a powerful vibe and talent. He shook up the show by adding Rap to singing. Travelling from Hudderfields to perform at Oxjam where we experienced real emotion within his words.

Sam Willis


Sam Willis Singer Songwriter from Hasting, gave the audience an experience that they weren’t expecting, introducing a loop station he gave a new meaning to a one man band.

Jamie Graham 


Singer Songwriter from Teeside, he began writing at 16 with his experience and passion he performed one of the best mix up jams I’ve ever herd. Combining the best of the 90’s, pop classics he got the whole audience up and dancing. With his cheeky smile and charisma everyone was loving a bit of Jamie Graham.

I had a Great Night at Oxjam, Thank you everyone that attended, Thank you AIDA for allowing us to host such a cool event in the shop and Thank you everyone that contributed to the Charity. The Performances were amazing, the venus was amazing and it was so refreshing to see the emerging talent breaking through…

Soundup Session, Oxjam Video Coming Soon …… 



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