The Gilgamesh … What to Wear?

Do you ever get that nervous feeling when your going out for Dinner but you have no idea what to wear… or what you want to wear will make you stand out in the wrong way.

Heres  a little heads up on what you should wear when you go to The Gilgamesh….


Its November, Autumn, its cold and you want to dress to impress. The best thing to do first is to research a little bit about the Restaurant your going to. The worse feeling you want is to go to a restaurant, feel out of place, be over dressed or underdress. If your trying to impress someone, you will never succeed if you do not feel comfortable!

The Giligamesh! This is a Swanky Restaurant in Camden Market with huge wooden detailed decor that ran through the whole of the Restaurant. The restaurant specialises in Eastern gastronomic cuisine. The Gilgamesh has a Club above the restaurant, so the feeling of the night was to dress to impress. Many of the customers in the Restaurant wore dresses and most definitely heels as after their dinner they didn’t have to travel far to continue the night fulfilled with cocktails and dancing.

IMG_0518 IMG_0521

What I Wore

Now I’m not going to lie I’m not a body-con, tight-fitting dress, ankle breaking stiletto kind of girl and especially if I’m going out for dinner. I want to eat and I want to walk feeling comfortable stuffing my face and not self conscious or petrified that I’m going to fall flat on my face wearing unsuitable heels.


I love comfort and I love over sized t-shirts so when I found this super cool black over sized t-shirt from River island saying “Dressing is the way of life” I knew I picked a winner. 


I never do anything plain jane and this T-shirt would be far to plain for my personality, River Island do the best jewellery and when I approached this necklace that went over the shoulders I believe this was the perfect touch to jazz up the t-shirt. Comfort and quirkiness a perfect combination.


There is a reason for always picking a dress when it come to going out for Dinner, it means you don’t have to think to hard when it comes to matching clothes or colour coordinating. 

Simple Black dress… Gold Jewellery it means you should definitely go for Black Shoes. New Look do a great selection of well priced simple shoes that are comfortable and look classy. These Black shoes have a thick heel which mean they are so easy to walking in … aka perfect to strut all night long with out fear of falling.IMG_0509

But of course black shoes and black tights are far too plain for Emma CB so I jazzed it up once again with a pair of super cool gold sparkly socks from Topshop. Perfect to stand out… Try something different, where a sparkly pair of socks with sandals it shows your willing to take a risk in fashion!

Bling !!!

I love Gold Bling and to add finishing touches to my outfit I wore a selection of gold rings… My two favourite rings at the moment would have to be the gold angel wings that go over two fingers this is from The Lazy ones in Shoreditch. The ring with 4 attachments goes over the tips of 4 fingers with a thin gold chain this is a H&M ring, really different and funky.


This Outfit was comfortable and different. I focused on gold and black so I didn’t go wrong with the colours. I was warm by wearing tights but jazzed it up by wearing socks too.

All of my clothes were from High street stores, really cheap so you didn’t have to break the bank balance to creative a cool different outfit for a swanky Restaurant.


Emma CB xx


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