Vintage Ibiza, OOTD , Hoxton Radio 18th November

Outfit of the Day Hoxton Radio

The feel… Vintage Ibiza … Every week at Hoxton Radio I dedicate a song to the outfit that best represents the outfit of the day.
This weeks the Outfit of the day is best described as Michael Woods tune Airbourne
Why you say? Because it reminds me of Ibiza.
The shorts I’m wearing in the Outfit are Topshop acid colours, ones that I wore 2 years ago on holiday or some might say a party to Ibiza… So technically I can call them vintage surely?
It’s autumn time so Bright colours are illegal no? Ha that’s not a terminology  Yes it’s autumn but your still allowed to wear colours, simply dress down the shorts with black tights and black shoes.
IMG_0856 2

A good shout would be a plain Black top to coordinate with the tights and shoes although I didn’t opt for that combo.
The top I’m wearing a is Zara Baggy Tshirt with “Punk” written on the front, written in bead, just to add a bit more texture to my outfit.
You should know me by now I never go out the house with little jewellery, I tried not to go too heavy on the rings. A few simple small rings on several fingers, all from a variety of shops Topshop H&M and River island.
So there we have it, Vintage Ibiza something to brighten up an Autumn Dull Day.
Catch me on Hoxton Radio every Tuesday 12-2pm for more Outfits Of The Day.

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