I mean I’ve herd of Valdimir Lenin being placed in a Preserved Glass Coffin, but seeing Damien Hirst “Cock and Bull” formaldehyde work, a Hereford cow and a cockerel preserved in a steel and glass tank of formaldehyde, 4 metres above the ground in a Restaurant?! I guess not much else can phases me after this experience at Tramshed.
Tramshed is situated on a quite street in Shoreditch, Rivington street just off of Great Easten Street. I have to admit there was a feeling of being slightly lost when finding the restaurant, walking down dark small lanes expecting any one to jump out at you. Until you see the large Cow in the persevered tank through the large glass doors you know you’ve arrived.
For this occasion I really didn’t know what to wear. Firstly I had to think of the surrounding ie I was in Shoreditch; the hype, being different, laid back feel, but yet you still have a lot of businessmen going there for after hours dinners.
I live in Shoreditch so I never follow the trend but the worse thing you want to do, is to look out of place.
Lets investigate the restaurant… I knew they served Beef and Chicken. It had a laid bad feel to it, chips, salad. The decor was a Cowboy/ Barn theme, obviously it had no straw bales and we had one of Damien Hirst famous pieces of Art 4 metres above the ground… far from the unordinary.
I didn’t do it on purpose but I did go for a black and a red checkered long shirt dress…  Far from being a Cowboy 😉  This Over size Shirt Dress; Missguided coming in at…  £24.99 A complete bargain. It feels thick, the colours are strong. The Dress is long enough to cover the bits you want to cover and it is very sliming.
Shoes I bought from EBAY (Brand:- Retro). With the a black Flatform they have a Gothic feel to them. The shoes give a different angle mixing up Cowboy and Gothic.
Image 3
The outfit over all is a bit plain so I added a chocker to go underneath my shirt collar, Miss Selfridge a few years back.
Gold and Black is always a good combination to add a bit of  brightness to the outfit. Rings I went very simple, a few single small rings on different parts of several fingers. ( Topshop, HM and River Island)
The outfit was perfect for Tramshed, the food was divine, amazing mixture of Beef and Chicken. If your not a fan of either then I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant. They do have a few fish dishes, Webster’s fish fingers with chips and mushy peas
 or Atlantic Prawn Cocktail and for all the Vegetarians there are options such as Sutton Farm squash and sweet potato curry.
Heres a few recommendations that I tried:-
Starter:- Highly recommend the Holy Fucked Chicken Wing… When biting into the Holy Fucked Chicken wings you’ll understand but they have been blessed for furiously. The wing was so soft but in a light batter it was accompanied with a slight chilli Mayo!   Amazeballs!
The fillet steak salad was light to eat so it didn’t hurt when you added some naughty chips.
The Half Chicken was to die for… if your a stuffing fan you’ll love the stuffing that goes with the half chicken. Soft and crunchy with tons of flavour. The chicken goes with gravy and chips, Such a simple combination but the flavours were sensational.

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