“The Journey” Film Premier


Thursday 27th November my best Friend Marc Zammit was a featured role in the Film ” The Journey “ also Featuring Jason Flemyng, Duncan Pow and Lindsey Coulson (Carol from Eastenders) Filmed and Directed by Lance Steen Anthony Nielsen.
IMG_1158 IMG_1152
The Film was about three strangers finding themselves in Greece, all of which have a story to tell, all of which are dealing with some sort of pain in there life. Ozzy ( Jason Flemyng) explains how these men find a way forward by not only facing their own demons but by accidentally saving other in their quest to find answers.
For such a glamours event, a Red Carpet Film Premier, what does a girl wear? Dress to impress were the regulations. Ok I sure will dress to impress….
The Dress I wore was a Karen Millen, LBD ( Little Black Dress). This dress was perfect for a Red carpet event, so simple thin strap dress, it was long with netting on the bottom, delicately detailed. The Material would cling to you body to show off your curves, super sexy and feminine.
I needed to stand out so I dressed up the outfit with accessories. The shoes I wore were Lispsy. Gold and Sparkly still very elegant and far from tacky glittery shoes. Since I’m only 5ft5 and the dress was long I had to opt for a higher heel, otherwise I’ll look short and stumpy!
Dress and Shoes Done, now its time to take it up a notch with the jewellery. The other day I found the best necklace that is a switch reverse, i.e. the necklace is worn on your back (Topshop). This is very unusual and you don’t expect to wear a necklace on your back from, the back of my dress is all jazzed up now.
The front looked a little bare, To fill the space and to add more gold bling I wore a gold bead choker (TopShop).
The Outfit as almost complete all I need now is a jacket … This Jacket it perfect, the fur adds another great texture and a bit more glamour so now I surely will stand out. The Jacket was from Primark, it looks classy but at affordable price.
  IMG_1134 IMG_1135
So here we go guys, how to look class for a Film Premier all at affordable prices and still looking Classy. So proud of my Best Friend remember his face… you’ll be seeing much more of it!
 IMG_1208 IMG_1204

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