The Night I had two parties in one night oooosh!

The Night I had two parties in one night oooosh!

Now what were the odds I had two parties to go to on one night, one was Rachel Rose Album Launch at the Gilgamesh ( Camden) and the other was the Brits Afterwards Party in Dstrkt ( Leicester Square)!

What a Fabulous night, I manage to support a friend with her Album launch and then partied the night away with Mr Probz at Dstrkt… Cocktails were flowing and it was a nice treat for a Mid week boogie.

Rachel Rose Album Launch

10428009_10152762810906339_4728358371240571368_n 11021235_10152762865771339_5670177551580770138_n 11025797_10152763233311339_6997807057892415884_n

Brits After Party awards

Mr Probz


Dom Perignon Spitting 😉



The Outfit


Crop Top:- Topshop

Shorts:- HM

Bag :- NewLook


Shoes:- Newlook

Socks:- Topshop

Belt:- Vintage


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