What To Wear When on First Dates

What to Wear on First Dates
Episode Two ” Young in the City” What to wear on First Dates
What to Wear on First Dates
Image 9
Everybody Loves and Hates Dates
We have endless questions in our heads What to wear? Where are we going? A Date in the Day time do I wear heels?
For this Episode on Pose I suggest two outfits a Day Outfit and a Night Outfit All of which will help kill some of the distress of What to wear.
Date Day, 
Image 7
I always recommend colours, it good to show of your personality with colour and accessories, we need to look girly but not a Barbie.
I would always recommend heels, small heels in the day time, I love wearing hidden heels as it gives you added height with out looking to over the top like wearing a pair of Stilettos.
Of course we need to impress our date, so wear something that shows off our figure but just remember lets leave something for their imagination.
Outfit Day Date
Image 8Jumper Yellow :- HM
Cream Shirt :- Primark
Leather Shorts :- HM
Black Hidden Heels :- AllSaints
Necklace :- HM
Night Outfit
For a night date I recomend heels, even if they are small ones, it will give the outfit some sass, **Please**  make sure you wear something comfortable and easy to walk in, we need to try and avoid and unfortunate circumstances, wedges are a great idea!
Image 5
I always go for something slight baggy of floaty on top as after eating the last thing you want to do is feel bloated and uncomfortable.
Tights dresses are sexy and good for Drinks only certainly not a three course meal.
If you go for a plain baggy top it will be great to jazz the outfit with stand out pieces like a shoulder necklace. Remember look different, show off **But** be comfortable and have fun.
Image 6
T-shirt dress :- RIverisland
Necklaces :- Riverisland
Shoes :- New Look
Socks :- Topshop
Coat :- Top Shop

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