Ep 4 Young in the City “What to wear Sightseeing”

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What to Wear when Sightseeing?

In this episode of Young in the City, I wanted to create two outfit to suit two different types of Sightseeing.
One outfit for when your walking around, travelling,bus tours and walking tours.
This first outfit created is colourful and simple dress from Misguided. It floats, its comfortable and with the long sleeves it’ll keep you warm and cool at the same time.
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The dress is knee length, which means its best to wear heels but sensible heel, we don’t want the dress making us short…. well that is unless your not a short ass like me.
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The Shoes are a perfect height with a chunky heel… So the phrase “these shoes are made for walking” is in fact true for this pair.
The Fur Coat is so snug from Topshop, which adds a bit of class to the outfit.
Keeping the accessories colour coordinating with the coat, I opted for a light bag just to keep the essentials to a minimum.
FullSizeRender 9
Outfit Number two is a casual, comfortable  walking outfit, perfect for sitting on transport, bus tours or even walking tours.

Sightseeing outside means you need to have clothes that will keep you warm and water proof.
A Stylish jumper is a good option, it means you can layer the clothes under the jumper you can also pull over a leather jacket with ease.
Elasticated jeans is a must, for a whole day or walking sitting the last thing we want is to feel uncomfortable. When you next buy a pair of jeans give it a little tug to see how elasticated the pair are and keep them safe for the days of walking.
FullSizeRender 8
Shoes/ Boots we need something that will cushion your feet. A slight heel is great to take the pressure off the balls of you feet.
FullSizeRender 5
Don’t forget your hat, it will tame the hair and keep you noggin warm.
Enjoy sightseeing mwah xxx
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