Hoxton Radio March

Hey Y’all

Check out all my Radio Shows from the Madness of March!

I Play the best from House, EDM, Electro… Featuring Great Dj’s from RedLight, George Fitzgerald, Blonde and so many more!

Emma Hosts her own show on Hoxton Radio Tuesday 12-2pm

Emma CB is obsessed with fashion and living on Brick Lane she is in her element you can catch her frequent fashion images.

Everyone’s a sucker for reality TV Emma CB is one of them. On her show she will combining her fashion fixes and her opinion on whats cracking on TV.

The type of music she will be playing will be a combination of House, Deep house and POP … Any thing that will make you boooty wiggle.

31st March

On today’s show Emma CB tackled the hurricane that was hailing through London to get to the Studio, but she managed to make it on time to her show! ECB was getting into the festive mood, talking about topics such as the traditional meals you eat on the Easter Sunday…which isn’t just chocolate eggs.

Emma CB played a combination of House and Electro Dance Music, as well as playing some amazing throwbacks and covers from the likes of Placebo and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Catch EmmaCB next Tuesday, 10 stone heavier after eating her body weight in Chocolate over the Easter Weekend.

Follow Emma on Twitter @emmacb_ and Instagram @emmaconybeare.

29th March


Emma CB had a real combination of genres in the mix today. She had her fav DJs, remixes and even some Rock throwbacks?!

She discussed her recent venture to Chin Chin Labs where she tried Liquid Nitrogen-made ice cream, as well as telling us about her weekend, how she got hot and bothered and lost her Wrestling Virginity.

Make sure you tune in next week to catch up with all the new releases from her favourite music.

Follow Emma on Twitter @emmacb_ and Instagram

17th March 

In today’s show Emma plays some banging tunes and remixes from the likes of Blondie, George Fitzgerald, Hosier and Rudimental. She also talks about her outfit of the day and the new episode of her show Young in the City, where Emma gives viewers advice for first date outfit ideas – check it out here!

13th March

On Today Show Emma CB was up at the Crack of Dawn to be in the studio for 8am.

That didn’t dampen her spirits, she woke the listeners up with Electro Dance House music as well as throwing a few rock classics from Bonjovi, Nirvana and Muse in the mix.

What better way to wake up on a Thursday Morning than to listen to Emma CB.

With the Music she played she also spoke about the latest fashion series “Young in the City” and tackling dilemmas of “What to wear” .

Check out her latest video here…


3rd March

On today’s show, Emma CB played a combination of music from her favourite DJs at the moment – Disciples and Tough Love – a Pop Girl Band Throwback featuring Girls Aloud and Allsaints. She also dropped new tracks from Years and Years and Florence and the Machine.

Emma CB also had a Special Guest; Claudius Peters talks about his latest film role and working with Nicholas Cage in the film Dying of the Light.

Tune in next week where she will be describing how her Birthday Antics went down this coming weekend.


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