Shoreditch House, What to Wear?


Shoreditch House… Heard of it?


Not many people have as its an exclusive Members Hang out as well as a Hotel in East London. Soho House was the founded in London 1995 as a home for people working in the creative fields and now there are 13 houses located across the world.
Shoreditch House is a cool place FACT! The building has several levels to it, Different areas to eat and drink. There’s a Gym, a rooftop swimming pool and not to mention numerous Celebrities have been spotted here.
I’m not a member to this House but I was lucky enough to endure a late lunch at the Roof top Restaurant.
For such an elaborate place to eat, what does one wear to feel suitable?
So let me give you the low down…The people that are members to this house need to have credentials in Arts, Media, Fashion, Film and Creativity. When you think about these sort of people what type of fashion do you expect? Not so simple to pin point a mutual fashion sense.
To be safe I decided to dress down the colours and create an outfit that has a relaxed but edgy feel to it but also still looking well dressed.
Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 00.16.14
My statement piece was this River Island Split panel NYC T-Shirt dress. When the wind blow the dress swings beautifully, showing off this eye catching piece.
It’s not quite Summer hence why I wore the high waisted leggings from Zara. Now I have to admit Zara is the best place to go if you want to buy legging that fit superbly, that are great quality and very well priced.
Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 00.16.32 1
Underneath the split panel dress I layered with a white crop top from Topshop. When the weather gets warmer this style dress will look great without the layers.
Adding class and different textures I accessoried the outfit with an on trend fringe bag from HM, black to colour coordinate.
Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 00.17.06
By wearing these chunky heals your legs will look longer but with a comfortable elegance. These Boots from New Look not only keep your feet warm they are easy to walk in, which means all you non heel walkers these shoes will keep your stride strong.
This is a great option for a cool relaxed monochrome look, still looking classy and elegant. Giving away a hint of your personality.
As explained I managed to be a guest for the day at Shoreditch House, Myself and friends had a spectacular table on at the Rooftop Restaurant just opposite the out door swimming pool. I can just imagine in the summer time sipping cocktails around the poolside gazing over the sky line of East London, well that is, if I were a member… Wishful thinking Hey?!
The food was some what amazing, you can really understand why this place is so popular. Shoreditch House most definitely knows how to sex up a Chicken salad and side veg. Baking an Aubergine with Hazelnuts and cooking sweet potato to perfection… every mouthful was to die for.
       IMG_5720           IMG_5620
Not to mention the desserts didn’t run short, this Fruit Cheesecake was the perfect cherry on the cake, sweet, delicate this food is the reason why I spend most of my days in the gym.
If you ever get the chance to head over to Shoreditch House, i highly recommend it,  Maybe the weather will be on your side? Let me know how the poolside sipping cocktails feels like…

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