May-June Fashion and Accessories Haul

I believe I must of been a magpie in a past life. Every time I intend to go shopping for a odd thing, whether it be essentials or a item of clothing I always end up buying something sparkly.
There we have it I am addicted to jewellery… Wahhh the problems of being a girl being distracted way to easily by pretty things.
Although once I bought the items it certainly made me happy, so this is a happy fuelled blog.
I’m currently growing my hair which means I’m going through awkward stages of out of shape hair. Some days I really don’t have the energy to blow dry and the hairs to short to pull it up in a ponytail.
FullSizeRender 47
The Hair Bands
This blue and white patterned headband from Topshop is great to part the hair and slick the fringe to the side.
This Daisy Head band was from H&M great for a festival or summer vibe.
I believe MissSelfridge has the best range of hair pieces, this Boho head piece will create a different look to a plain outfit.11127648_10152930415081339_2384122631242420488_n
H&M have great value accessories, high quality and different from other high street stores.
This necklace is a real stand out piece, it has a looser fit compared to most chokers making simple outfits stand out.
Also from H&M is this funky white plastic bracket. From a far it looks like a hard bangle but the sections are all individual plastic parts really effective.
FullSizeRender 49
Bracelets are great to snazz up a standard outfit. The Bracelets attached to rings are eye catching. At the moment there are many styles about for example the two bracelets below…
The Roman coin bracelet (Topshop) has a summer feel to it and the Loose Chain (Primark) has a subtle Boho vibe.
11150161_10152897418566339_7337258746189209188_n10470848_10152882217561339_182172514222227826_nYou can’t go wrong with Primark, the items are cheap and you can pick up some gems at a bargain price.
This 3 piece necklace is delicate perfect to glam up a plain top or dress.
FullSizeRender 48
Hope you enjoy the blog and make sure your subscribe to my YouTube  Channel for more Fashion Hauls and Beauty Blogs

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