Fashion Diary:- London Collections Men, Hoxton Radio DJ

London Collections Men brought fashion to its highest level SS16 came to Town from Friday 12th June to Monday 15th.

Being a Presenter for Hoxton Radio I got asked to Present my show live from The Grooming Room at the Century Club which was hosted by Candid Magazine, FarBlack and Forward PR. This was a pleasure to host and such a great experience to be part of an amazing event.
Now as you might think LCM is all about the men, how we are so wrong…. As the Men come to support the LFW Fashion, empowered women do exactly the same.
LCM was introduced in 2012 and has increased by 67% introducing 77 new designers into their SS16 collection.
For such a cool event I couldn’t wear my usual comfy to the studio, this time I was on show, in the main bar area of The Century Club. William Stone was also doing a Presentation in the same building so the room was pretty packed by the time I presented my show.
So for the Clothing Attire, what would one wear? Its Hot Hot Hot on that particular Sunday and if I’m going to present in front of a lot of people in a small room I’m bound to get a little clammy and flushed.
The dress is a fabulous piece from Zara, I bought it back in Spring and I’ve never had chance to wear the dam thing. Its so beautiful with the delicate lace sleeves it turns a plain white dress into an angelic item.
I knew at some point I was going to be leaving late as there was a special LCM party hosted by Candid Magazine and we all know London can get a tad breezy in the evening. This long sleeveless trench is perfect keeping you warm and also breezy. The blue trench is a perfect compliment to the white dress and the two items set the theme for a pastel outfit.
In colour coordination fashion the shoes I wore were not only comfortable they super stylish at a bargain price. The shoes were bought from eBay, £19.99 if I remember rightly… Score!
To finish the outfit I accessorised with the most adorable bag from Found Loved Vintage store. A very classic piece, just to put a spin on a very on trend outfit I created at the very stylish SS16 LCM Event.


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