Holiday Fashion Diary Day 1


Aren’t I lucky? My Mother dearest has rented a Villa in Spain for two weeks.. Two weeks! Sounds even better when you call it half a month. On this Holiday in Spain I am determined to experience the rustic wonders and write A Daily Fashion Diary.

By having a Villa in the beautiful Hills of Spain it means we get to avoid all eager beavers reserving Sun Beds in the Early mornings, avoiding all the militant all inclusive meals being served at precise timings and we get to enjoy hunting out the quaintest authentic Spanish Cuisines.

 Night one we headed out to the old town of Colonge in the North East Region of Spain, it’s so beautiful here authentic and rustic.
 IMG_8926Outfit of the Night
The main feature of this outfit must have to be the skirt the colour is a strong bold purple and the style is far from plain. There is a sheer pleate layer over a long elasticated inner layer.
This skirt is vintage and I bought it from a cute boutique on Brick Lane, the colour of the skirt matches some of the pretty flowers out in Spain.
Not many colours would go with this skirt but a white top is a great match, not only will it show off your sun kissed skin it will also essentuate the boldness of the skirt.
This top is from Primark bought for pennies, the top has authentic gypsies feel to it, unintentionally it appears I some what resemble Esmerelda from Disneys Film “ The Hunch back of Notre dame… I really can’t complain, I love this outfit.
Accessories were elegant, a few small gold pieces, Triangle ring bought from Top shop, Gold rose ring from H&M and the three chain necklace from Primark. This sort of necklace is a great way to make the outfit pop with colour.
 IMG_8928Dinner was served at this beautiful boutique restaurant, Restaurant Somani. I opted for a Prawn starter and a Cod main both dishes were fulfilled with flavour and freshness. Bless the waiters could speak much English, but I always say this is a great indication that you will get some great quality Spanish food, very popular with the locals.



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