Day 2 Holiday Fashion Food Diary

Tonight’s the night to get glammed up and adventure out into a small town, Close to Girona called Palamoś.
My Sun Tan is coming along just fine so I’m thinking it’s becoming acceptable to wear white… Obviously to accentuate the bronzed look.
FullSizeRender 2
The top is an adorable number from Love a designer that is sold in the Topshop on Oxford street.
This style is perfect for petite upper bodies and curvier bottoms. The Back of the Top has a lower hem than the front meaning it will cover bum and slim the legs. Its also the perfect top to wear a bra as no straps will be seen, as we all know the summer styles tend to be backless, strapless styles where you can’t wear a bra … Hump!
The top… I call it a top as it’s far too short to be a dress although it has the appearance of being a dress is light, soft and has a lace layer over the top, it also swishes in the wind… to create a oooh ahhh effect.
Underneath the Dress are a burnt orange high waist also from Topshop past season, like I said the Top is long enough to cover your upper thighs so the shorts are not necessarily seen. When wearing white i tend to go for a softer colour… In fact i did try on a pair of Black shorts but with the wedges I wanted to wear the Black shorts did not go well.
Shoes and Summer are the perfect combination in my eyes, I love the colours and Wedges in my opinion are the most comfortable heal you could possibly wear.
These shoes are from a shop called Daniel Footwear, they are a few years old but they keep lasting and every year I always pull them out in good condition.
Before my holiday I ended up doing a huge haul in Primark and I bought a lot of cool summer gear. I always tend to pop into the accessories section and bulk buy on interesting items. Such as this Head Band.
The Head Band is a really pretty number, great for festivals but to also jazz up a simple outfit like this one. The Necklace is also from Primark, simple to break up the bold colours of the outfit.
FullSizeRenderNow this Ring/ Bracelet is an elegant piece from River Island, its an interesting piece that will catch peoples eyes.
As well as this Fashion Blog ill briefly talk about the antics of the Day and also provide you with some potential healthy, fresh food porn.
So we ended up eating in a boutique Mediterranean Restaurant facing the sea. As you night presume being a fish restaurant I did in fact order delicious Fresh Squid with their homemade Potato Gratin.

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