Day 3 Holiday Fashion Foodie Diary

Note:- Already picking up the Spanish lingo…maybe sounding a little dodge with my Rule Britannia Accent, although I’m trying nonetheless.
Today we switched it up, yesterday Mother and I went for a stroll along the beach we found a beautiful elegant restaurant on the beach called ” Gin Toni” I’m assuming our noses directed us to this Bar/Restaurant like a compass… Like Jaws smelling blood in the sea, Mother and I could smell Gin some where along the beach. But the name, it says it all… Great name mind…
So back to today, instead of going out in the evening we decided to have lunch at this fine restaurant.
Let me just picture this for you, white draping gazebo type thing with wooden slates on flooring an open bar  displaying all the different type of spirits on sale but the wow fact was the view. While I was drinking my massive wine size Gin and Tonic, I had the most remarkable untouched view of the bluest blue sea and white sands stretching around the coast. My Gin and Tonic was made tailored to my preference of a sweet fruity Gin and a soft Italian tonic water, removing any of the bitterness tonic gives. The cherry on top of the cake was quite literally the delicate touch of frozen cherries inserted into the drink.
 I’m still drooling over this now, one of the most effortless beauty’s I’ve ever experienced in my life. Close comparison to Niki beach in Cannes.
Seafront view was an order of fresh light Calamaris with an Ensalada (Spanish for salad) on the side Perfecto!
Ok ok I need to stop fantasising over the boozey lunch on the sea front and tell you about my fashion outfit.
Bikini… This was a French Connection number, the print is strong and colourful. The Bikini is well designed its tight but comfortable. This is a great style for smaller bust and curvier bottoms as it accentuates curves in the right place.
Quite literally thrown on top, as you tend to do on the beach was this sweet dress from Primark, white a must summer colour.  It’s tight on the bust and frills out, interesting and far from boring.
Flip flops, I swear by Havanans. This Red Pair have been with me for at least two years. They are unbeatable and so worth the money. Don’t get me wrong you can pick up a cheap pair from the high street stores but how many of you throw them away after your Holidays? Nothing can quite beat the softness and comfort of Havanas.
Finally to top of the Accessories these glasses, fabulous style round and funky! Primark people… Primark. Cheap as chips… I never wear designer specs on the beach I’m prone to breaking them… Tip from me… Pick a range of cheap different styles for the beach that way you won’t be upset if you break a pair and you can experiment with different shapes.
FullSizeRender 4

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