Day Five Fashion Foodie Holiday Diary.


Thursday… T is for Tapas, that’s exactly what we did. Lapped up the sun in the day and headed to the Town Palamós for Tapas in a place filled with the local Catalonians. 


The Tapas bar was positioned in a courtyard overlooking the most spectacular sunset. The feel of the restaurant was similar to Yo Sushi… (Obviously not as tacky or commercial) in the way of tapas were on the trays of the waitresses, if you liked the look of the Tapas you grab it and simply crack on. 

IMG_9265For a family of 6 we pretty much filled up the table with empty plates as well of this we had 4 beers, 1 Sangria jug and Bottle of Rosé and the bill came to a little under €25 each… It was the most delicious meal of the holiday and the cheapest! Even the desserts and Sushi looked like little pieces of art very pretty! 


OOTN my plan was to inject colour into the night. This dress/top is the most interesting style and tropical combination of colours, it reminds me of tutti-fruiti sweets… Yum Yum!

FullSizeRender 5

The Top is from a boutique on Brick Lane made by an East London Designers… You can see these designer being featured on Urban Outfitters and Topshop.

Underwear the Top were a pair of shorts, as you can see the top is super floaty made with sheer material. Short are there to keep my dignity covered 👌🏻

Perfectly matched were these sandals from Primark more Orange… I love this colour in the summer time especially when you have a sun tan. 


Another Night means another Headband this I would say is a little more elaborate than yesterday’s, bought from eBay it is very similar to authentic Indian head garments. 

FullSizeRender 6


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