Day 6 Of Emma CB’s Holiday Fashion Diary.


Day 6… We are breaking the routine, no beach no pool except a big massive Wave Pool with slides and rides, that’s right today we acted like little kids again and heading to Aqua Diver in Girona.

Clothing attire… Some sort of swimming garment that will not fly off while throwing ones self down a slide.
This is a cool Bikini from Primark, a thick bandeau top no straps, latches or catches just simply a pull over… Precautions checked.
Living in London on your own you tend to grow up, be sensible and work hard. Today I did the opposite, I wanted to go faster, higher and indulge in adrenaline junkie slides…. I loved it!
No jokes after all the thrills, walking up hills and step climbing we all were a bit pooped! The Nights antics consisted of a BBQ with Chef Pappa Conybeare in charge. Shhh…He ended up getting a little tiddled. It got dark, the coal wasn’t cooking the meat and it took for ever before any sort of food was put in front of us. I suppose it was kinda disastrous. Point Noted… Start BBQ Earlier… Don’t distract the Chef and Drink Less whilst cooking!
Our villa is high up in the hills of Colonge, every night we are all getting eaten alive by Mozzies! I swear they are immune to every type of repellent. I wore this Maxi Dress for protection. No jokes the dress must be at least 5 years old from a brand called Apricot.
I’m in love with the colours. Summer is of course all about the Maxi dresses, Colours and BBQs.
IMG_9356Keep Updated with all my Tannage Progress and more pictures on my Insta and Twitter Mwah xx
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