Day 7 One Week Gone For Emma CB’s Holiday Fashion Diary

IMG_9392 IMG_9391

Too much laziness is starting to get the better of my super active family, wait for it… a little change to our agenda this morning. We decided to go for a walk, up and around the cliffs following the path around the sea to the next bay.
What is it when your in a foreign country, when sun is beaming down on the glistening sea and the view from high up on the cliff always gives a ooooh arrrr appeal! Pictures are always taken.
FullSizeRender 7
Walking Attire today was this light colourful dress from H&M, Its so airing that you almost forget that your wearing a dress altogether. The colours though… Powerful Combo.
In the evening the whole family gleamed up for a night out in Palamas, It was a Saturday and the small town was absolutely heaving with the locals… It was so nice to feel the affects of an unspoilt Spanish town, although sometimes with their lack of English it does make the communication a little harder.
Evenings attire was a lace and sheer number….
Top was from Topshop a beautiful black lace Bralet which zips up the back.
The Skirt was another swishy sheer number, bought absolutely ages ago from one of the market stalls somewhere?! sorry I cannie remember but I have recently seen H&M do similar style skirt.
As we all know when one has to pack they have to reduce the amount of clothes and mainly shoes in their luggage to be within the weight restrictions. Pink and Pink goes very well and these Flatforms are one of my Summer Favs.
Necklace is a Chocker from Topshop… simple enough to break up the bare skin.
Bag… Found Loved Vintage
First on the Agenda, Aperitif, we just so happened to find a bar that sold rather large Gin and Tonics… Maybe a little too large before Dinner… I quickly became slightly Tiddled…. Oopps
The Problem of going to this town on a Saturday at prime time whilst looking for a restaurant that could accommodate 6 people our chances were slim pickings.
We did find this Restaurant that looked hopeful, fresh fish, local specialities. It was tucked away and filled with local characters. I will not waste any more letters and sentences on this restaurant because the food was actually pretty disgusting. My Salmon was still raw… ewe, puck, rank. In result I ended up without a meal and solution to this problem… Booze! End. Hiccup 😉


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