The 8th Day on Emma CB’s Holiday Fashion Food Diary


Day Eight… Heading up the Second week in style.

So as one would presume living in a Villa with 6 of your family members personalities are bound to clash…. Mother and Pappa Bear wanted time on their own and opted  to go to a town close, a town they once visited when they were younger.

There’s been a lot of bickering so Jordana my younger sister and I thought this was a great opportunity for us to escape the loud argumentative voices.
Jord and I headed off for a Double Trouble Dinner Date along the sea front, where we happened to stroll upon an Italian Restaurant… Typical us! Waiters working in an Italian Restaurant at home find an italian restaurant in Spain… Tut Tut but at the end of the day the food looked decent and the Sangrias looked cheap and cheerful which was our main priority.
As you can tell by the pictures we did enjoy the night… a lot! In our merry mood we stumbled upon an Irish Bar… When on holiday I’m anti anything British! But in this instance it was actually really nice to hear the English tongue.
Clothing attire was a Maxi Skirt with a very large split up the front… Perfect to show off your tanned legs 🙂
The bright coral crop not only compliment your skin it suits this maxi skirt perfectly. Both of these items are from H&M which has a fabulous colourful Summer range in stock.
Shoes were my bright orange pair from Primark… Too much bright colour never hurt anybody.
Bracelet was a present from my sister on a previous holiday, the blue is so strong it still stands out through the clothes making it an eye catching piece.
Rings were the simple kind to add a little more detail.
Statement Jewellery pieces were an elaborate ear-cuff from Topshop… great to draw attention to your head.
After doing your hair ever day I really wasn’t in then mood to blow dry, straighten and style so being the lazy me I pulled my hair back, backcombed it then wore a head piece to fix the hair.
The floral headpiece was from HM… Super pretty and Cheap.
The Bag was a past season from New look Colour coordinating with the Maxi Skirt.

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