The 9th Day in Spain gone… Today went sightseeing. :)

Dia 9 Holiday Fashion Food Diary

Today we did a bit of sightseeing and we headed off to the capital of Costa Brava, Girona.
Girona is one of Spain’s largest cities with a combination of new and gothic history.
 IMG_9809 IMG_9773
When Zoë (my older sister) and I were really ickel we went to Girona, we were obviously too young to remember, so it was nice to revisit and absorb all the historical culture with my younger sister Jordana.
It’s scorching today! I needed an outfit that would keep me cool and comfortable.
I picked this red floral dress from my fav vintage shop on Brick Lane. The material is light airy and the pattern is a strong red colour with white details.
Shoes were from New Look, they are great to walk in as they have a slight heel, great if flat shoes make your feet ache.
Sunny Gs are from Armani ( obviously a bargain buy from duty free) big enough to cover my face.
Sightseeing tends to get hot and sticky so scraping the hair back is the best solution… Space buns again with additional of floral clips.
Some more pictures from Girona…
IMG_9820 IMG_9821 IMG_9771

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