The Tenth Day of Emma CB’s Holiday Fashion Food Tourist Diary in Spain

The Family has been reunited, Zoe and Matt have returned from Barcelona and we had a relaxing day down at the beach.
When Jordana and I went on a Double date the other evening we walked past the most prettiest Restaurant. Unfortunately at the time would could not eat there as it was far too busy… This is always a good sign that the establishment was popular potentially serves good food.
Travena Cal Barber is a qwaint restaurant along the seafront, decked out with the most interesting delicate interior decor. The Restaurant only served Authentic Rustic Catalan Tapas… The Menu was only in Catalan which mean the owner of the restaurant had to translate. The intimate touches made you feel right at home.
Each Family member picked a Tapa and we shared throughout the night. The popular Tomato bread was a great accompaniment.
Every one of the girls in our family has a really naughty chocolate tooth, when the 6 mini chocolate dessert was translated, there was no hesitation.
By know we have produced a deep bronzed tan so white and bright colours look marvellous.
This Playsuit is from Romwe, the playsuit looks more like a dress, but it does has more support and the outfit was floaty in the wind… great to avoid a dodgy Marylin  Monroe moment.
What I like most about this dress is the back, the straps are elastic and they show off what i consider a sexy part of your body your back.
Shoes are the Pair from Daniel, great for colour coordinating and to add a comfortable heal.
The accessories are elagenatic detailed, the three chain necklace is from primary, it effectly breaks up the barness of the skin.
This evening I swept then fringe and to hold it in place the Flower clip from H&M helps keep it fixed.


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