11 Days and Nights in Spain… Emma CB’s Holiday Fashion Diary.


We are sadly on the count down to the end of the holiday, only two more nights left in Spain, Boooo 😦 Tonight we are heading to a Pasta, Pizza Restaurant in Palamos, a restaurant that looked busy the previous nights. 


Vibes for tonight I’ve gone for a 70’s Flares and Crochet top. The Flares are from H&M the pattern is so Retro a current trend at the moment… The Flares have brown and blue pattern and the fit is snug on the bottom with a wearable flare to elongate your legs. Having toned legs and a curvy bottom flares are made for our body shapes, showing off all the best bits of our body. 


Most Flares are high waisted, which are great as the nip in at the waist but these flares are not, at first I was a bit weary as these styles tend to cut in and create as one would call… a “Muffin Top” which is far from attractive.

They have a thick band on the top which makes the trousers sit on your hip rather than cut in, meaning the muffin top has been eliminated.


I know I’ve talked about this crochet top in another blogs but the piece ties in nicely with the 70’s look.The top is from Primark, if your not one for showing off a lot of skin then I really would recommend this garment. But my theory is if your not going to wear this outfit on holiday then when would you wear it? 

I have to say this top is rather flimsy with little support, I mean I have tiny boobs so the affects of this top does not bother me, now if you have bigger boobies then having no support might be a little uncomfortable, the material and style means you can’t wear a bra underneath.


Keeping on trend I wanted to try something different in my hair. now, its longer now so I can test out more styles. I asked my little sister to plait my hair into two french plaits… I haven’t mastered the french plait yet, although I am determined to conquer this challenge very soon.


Heres a little run down of the nights meals. My dad must of had the best Burger of the holiday, including pretty much everything. The Seafood Risotto that I ordered looked fabulous but tasted a bit bland.


My little sister Jordana order a Crepe with Nutella…. The Waiter came out with the crepe and a 1kg bucket of Nutella. The Waiter used a shovel like apparatus and dolloped a huge portion on the the Pancake, it appeared the Crepe was the addition to the Nutella, not the other way around.



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