Final Night in Spain… Fashion Food Diary

Its the Final night in Spain and we are fake celebrating my little sisters birthday which is in the week after our holiday. It was a perfect opportunity to have the whole family there and for Jordana to act like a princess and to get away with it … Wouldn’t you?
IMG_0134 2 IMG_0130
Jordana’s choice of dinner was the Tapas place in Palamos that we went to in the first week. Selected tapas were going around on the waiters trays and we drank Sangria, delish!
She made a good choice, the concept was fabulous, trying out many small dishes. After dinner the parents disembarked and left the us youngen’s to continue on with the cocktails.
Local to the Tapas bar and under the same ownership was a Bar called LOBO.
LOBO interior design had elaborate chandlers with angelic paintings on the ceiling, There were several TV’s on display replaying scenes from WW2, no idea why they chose them particular scenes but it was interesting nonetheless.
I managed to translate a Passion Fruit Martini of course my favourite cocktail and my Sister opted for a Mango Daiquiri… she made the right choice hers was so thick and tasty.
IMG_0131 2
Clothing attire for this fake birthday bash was this floral, floaty playsuit from Romwe. The playsuit was a halter neck with overly large straps meaning the straps dropped down the on my bare back.
The front was sexy with the straps of the halter-neck covering my boobies, the straps were big enough for my chest and covered quite a large amount of the skin.
IMG_0143 2
Shoes were the eBay flatforms, white and pink to colour coordinate.
Sometimes at night time the Spanish nights have a chill in the air so by having this beaded Kimono with tassels, it not only gave the outfit a different Boho look it also keeps the chill at bay.
I Hope you liked my Holiday Fashion Diary 🙂 Cant wait for the next adventure xx


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