Bodean’s BBQ Fashion Foodie post with Emma CB

First day back in london and to ease the holiday blues I organised to see my best guy mate Marty.

He’s a hairy thing, A Wrestler with resembalce to Khal Drogo from The Game of Thrones, I’m sure he will enjoy that ego boost,Ha! Marty Scrull lives in Portsmouth so I rarely see him, but when I do he always makes me smile. Perfect antidote to the withdrawal holiday symptoms.
OOTD, typical the first day back from my holiday the weather is cloudy and gloomy with a chance of rain :(, and believe me there was rain! I got soaked.
I’m proud of my tan and I wanted to show it off no matter what!
The t-shirt dress I wore is a light monochrome material with a spring flower print.
This would be far too indecent to wear with nothing underneath so I wore pair of blacks shorts to keep my dignity.
The weather is far from the sunny Spain so to keep the nip away this past season Army Jacket from Topshop does the trick. One would say the two patterns of the tops do not go but I say hell yea, it’s so different that it work.
Shoes are a a Punk gothic flatform, comfortable with a wearable heel. I added tights socks for a different effect to standard shoes.
FullSizeRender 11
Bling was a simple set of rings with an addition sunglasses/tash necklace from Urbianna ( boutique shop) on Brick lane. FullSizeRender 12The Bag I wore was a Black Tassel from Primark, past season to keep all my essentials together
FullSizeRender 10
Martys choice was Bodean’s a very American Chain Restaurant by Tower Bridge.
The interior was was awesome, decked out with horns from bulls and other interior so you can get a real feel of an American Ranch. Even the smell of the restaurant reminded me of BBQ and Jerk Chicken.
I went for a light meal of Jerk Chicken Breast with Coconut rice but Marty being Marty and Hungover as hell he ordered the whole menu…pretty much. He has a whole Rack of Baby Back Ribs with Sweet potato fries, Mac n’ Cheese and Cornbread Muffins… Which I highly recommend it was a new experience for me, a sweet soft textured bread.
Still in the holiday spirt I wanted the waiter to recommend their favourite Martini Cocktail… School boy error she told me to try their Fruit and Nut Martini… Far too sweet for me but if your a sweet loving drinker then try it out.
For dessert I tried out their mini dessert and coffee of an Americano and Brownie, if I’m being totally honest the brownie was a tad dry and they needed more Ice Cream! 😉
Bodean’s is a chain all around London so if you looking for some good hearty authentic American BBQ food head down to a restaurant near you.
Mwah x

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