How to create a Sun-kissed Look


How to create a Sunkissed look without going on Holiday.

Yes the sun might shining in London… But how temperamental is that?! If you want to create a Sunkissed look, something super easy, a make up that will get your skin glowing then check out my YouTube video below.

Here’s a break down…
1) By using a BB cream it moisturises your skin while adding a base.
2) I highly rate Clinque foundation, the even better range are oil free and gives a clear coverage.
3) In areas necessary apply concelor, I’ve always used Boujois Paris or Collection… You won’t find it slipping down you face later on in the day.
Now the base has been layed it’s time to add colour, the bronzer I  like using is the No.7 Two tone. Using a large bronzer cover the brush and shake off exces s product.
4) With the bronzer, brush outwards on you face
Our face is starting to grow with colour, its great to use a shimmer to add less harsh contours. I like using the no.7 pearl balls so using a small brush line and structure your face with the shimmer.
Instead of using a pink blush, I take a light shimmer to highlight further. A white eyeshadow does the trick.If you come across a make up shop called KIKO they have some great products at low prices.
The base is complete, let’s focus on the eyes. Since the tones are golden and bronzed brown products are great to use to create a softer look.
The Rimmel Brow Brush is easy product to apply and to get soft looking eyebrows, brush upwards and around the eye to get a relaxed brow look.
Next I use Boujois Paris Brown Eyeliner to create a smudge look, draw on the outline of your eye then using a cotton bud smudge lightly to achieve a soft look.
To complete the eyes I used this black brown mascara from Clinque. This mascara is great to grab hold of all the small lashes and coat them.
To complete the look I choose a nude shimmer lipgloss to achieve kissable lips.
And there we go guys just in time for you holidays or if your not going on holiday this is still a great look to achieve the Sunkissed glow.

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