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On Friday the 17th July it was my best friend Marc Zammits Birthday, being a close friend of mine I was always going to attend, even if I had just spend the day at Lovebox Festival interviewing Artists for Hoxton Radio.IMG_0551The Night Festivities started off at his house for pre drinks and then off to a West End Club that he normally promotes for, The Drury Club. The Drury Club is a boutique club directly underneath The New London Theatre, Covent Garden currently showing War Horse.

FullSizeRender The Drury Club is swanky, small with funky little features, there were light quotes position on the wall. Although mind you the mirrors in the toilet were awful, tinny tiny or convert meaning reapplying make up was difficult. Luckily I’m not one to spend hours behind the mirror 😉
IMG_0482In the day I was at Lovebox festival and the turn around time to get to his pad was tight. I had to make quick movements and cut excess time… this meant I refreshed the same hair style as in the day with a tad bit of dry shampoo giving extra freshness.
To upgrade the hair from day to evening, I added this very over the top head band from eBay, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was originally used at Asian Weddings… although it did the job and funked the outfit up. The accessory was white pearls, a perfect colour coordination to my Monochrome outfit.
The top I wore was a very sexy black lace crop from Topshop, this is perfect for small busts as there is no support but it really compliment the petiteness of your figure.
Not so long ago I went on holiday, actually it was only a week ago I was on holiday, the feeling of being on holiday has already dissipated what remains is the tan and what better way to show off my still existing tan than to wear a skirt…. in White … ha  of course.
 IMG_0578The skirt is from Rare which was actually bought from the Oxford St Topshop as they stock many different independent new designers on the lower flow.
 I’m in direr need to by a new night bag going as I tend to keep using the same ones. Although in previous blogs I have spoke about this white vintage bag and personally it colour coordinated brilliantly and added a different sense of style.
 FullSizeRender 16
A few other additions to the outfit would be the most comfortable heel shoes from NewLook in black, very easy to walk in.
 FullSizeRender 15
Cool funky bracelet was spoken about in my May- June Haul from H&M.
 FullSizeRender 17To add a bit of subtle sex appeal I doubled up on black chockers, the smaller flower necklace is from Topshop and the longer thin strap with rose gold pendant came in a pack with several other necklaces also from Topshop.

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