Lovebox Festival Fashion Diary Day2

IMG_0602Now on Saturday I was allowed to attend the second day of Lovebox Festival, with a Hoxton Radio Press pass even though I was not interviewing any artists on that particular day.Plus one met I was allowed to invited my friend Yinka who is also a presenter for Rinse FM another radio station in London. IMG_0631 If I’m being totally honest I was suffering from a hangover from my mates Birthday party the day before, but to my delight I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my hangover than enjoying the sunshine and listening to awesome music. On Saturday Snoop Dog was headlining, Jessie ware, Annie Mac and Hot Chip were also performing so the line up was looking strong. IMG_0635

As I had more time to prepare the outfit inspiration was more hard core festival, with a touch of Ibiza, including a lot of tassels, glitter and transfer tattoos.
The yellow number was a short dress from Spain, a boutique shop that I strolled upon when I was on holiday. I love yellow, it really compliments the skin tones and my hazel eyes. The Owl print is also affective, fun and a bold print.
 FullSizeRender 18
Underneath the dress were a pare of green hotpants from Topshop, as we all know that security of dignity is a must.
 IMG_0630The outfit seems so simple but its the accessories that makes up the outfit. The bag is a great match with the tassels this is from Primark past season.
The shoes are last years Nike Airs, I would hate it if I ruined a good pair of trainers at a festivals especially when these are white. If you saw them after the festival they were far from sparkling, so I’m glad I opted for an old pair… They were far from white!
Now, c’mon its a festival, Sun glasses are a must and if you didn’t bring Sunny G’s What were you thinking?…. These Red G’s were also from the boutique in Spain, bright colours and tinted frames… Love it.
Make up was a whole load glitter and bright eyeshadow all thrown on my face but structured perfectly to to give a party vibe 😉
Transfers were bought from a stall around Camden, a perfect way to finish off the outfit.

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