1940’s Themed Birthday Party

1st of August meant one thing…. It celebrate the Birth of Aml Ameen his big 30th… If you don’t know who he is… you should he’s made an impression on the Hollywood scene as an A list English Actor, known for films Maze Runner, Kidulthood and The Butler.
The Night was fantastic, fulfilled with live music, speeches and fabulous cocktails, which meant we could easily swing the night away.
So the theme for the party was 1940’s, now I love theme parties and dressing up, but 1940’s… seriously?! That has to be one of the hardest eras to dress for. Put it this way its smack bang in the middle of the war, us Brits had to give up their nylons and everything glamours was put aside war until the war ended.
The dresses were a typical wrap round, Kitty Foyle or even Victory Suits and making that kind of style sexy… Nah ah! Also trying to find a dress like that… highly unlikely!
I’m so grateful I live in London with small boutiques and places to find Vintage dresses. I ended up in Spitalfields market hoping to find something in their vintage stalls. I totally forgot about “The Vintage Collectif”a shop situated in the heart of the market. I lived in East London for over a year and walked past this shop many times, “What a Complete Air head”!? This is where I bought the main feature to my outfit.
Now going on the 1940’s theme, my little sister an avid vintage fan said to me why don’t I check out the fashion of “Pearl Harbour” aka the film, as that was in the 40’s…. Right?!
Combining the ideas of 1940’s and Pearl Harbour I found this very much up to date fashion with a vintage style.
The print is a strong pineapple pattern, and the style was a long pencil dress with low shoulder, Thankfully there was a big split up the back meaning I was able to walk, as its all good and well having these tight dresses but attempting to walk in the dam thing is always a mission.
Oh I forgot to say this dress is currently on sale, was £50, The Vintage Collectif are having a huge sale and everything is 50% discount making the dress £25 …. What bargain, even vintage on Brick Lane wouldn’t be this cheap for a high quality dress such as this.
Talking about shoes, these white stilettos not only elongate you legs it also makes the outfit look classy and elegant. Stiletto are fab, high ones will literally make you bottom more perk and show off toned calf muscles. Stilettos are from New Look, they have a hidden wedge in the front making the shoes more comfortable with less pressure on the feet.
Accessories, finally this White Vintage bag that I always take on a night out is doing my outfit justice, adding more class, being white the colour coordinates with the shoes and bringing out the colours of the dress.
Hair and Make up, taking inspiration from Pearl Harbour I wanted to add a flower to create a Hawaii vibe. The flower was picked up from a stall in Spitalfields Market. The Hair was pinned back and adding a curl pin in the fringe. Lips and Nails Bright Red to fit the mood Mwah .xx

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