Young in the City Takes a Break… To the Countryside


One of the hottest days in the UK, weekend off work, only one thing to do… Go home, to the Countryside. Get in #fistpump
Mother and Pappa bear live out in the sticks a small village called Marsworth situated very close to Tring. In this village there are 3 pubs 1 church 1 school and well… that’s about it, no local shops just the exquisite countryside landscape.
Being cooped up in London all the time with pollution and traffic sometimes getting the better of me, this Saturday all I wanted to do today was soak up the sun, stroll around the famous Tring Park aka the Rothchilds back garden and gorge on BBQ Munch.
Now I bribed my little sister into coming for a walk with me. I insisted I’ll buy her a coffee and cake after our walk.
Tring Park is beautiful, there so many enchanting routes around the woods stopping off at certain points along the way like this Summer House and Monument.
Many paths reminded me of films, Beauty and the Beast (yes I know it’s not real, but still) Sleep Hallow, there was even rocks pilled up on the side of the path which reminded me of Blair Witch , Haha… Also a film which is bogus.
There’s many tales of Tring Park, many features in the Park have different stories. This was once a story that this park was the back garden of the Rothchilds a Lord many many years ago. It was said that the animals in the Zoological Museum, the only Museum in Tring were all once let free in this Park and they were all caught by Rothchild himself, taxidermy took place and then displayed which you can now see in this Museum. A Myth maybe but pictures clarify that he had Zebras to pull his carriage through out his land rather than Horses now that is strictly truth.
Like a colourful bird on display my outfit transmits summer vibes.
We have the very hippy acid print shorts from Topshop (past season) tucked into these shorts is this past season Zara spaghetti strap. The colours are bright but a match made in heaven.
On my feet are my favourite buys of August my fresh new Nike Huarache in black, they are perfect for walking, with the sock like material keeping your feet comfortable and trust me after 3 mies of walking no blisters formed.
The bright orange bag also blending in well with the bright colours this is a new buy from Laura Ashley. I love Laura Ashley’s bags the quality is high and for affordable prices.
Shades worn are my fav Armani’s… talk to me… too cool for school. Sweatiness was avoided by this cute centred parting buns hair style.
True to my word, I bought my sister and I cake and well fizzy pop as it was far too hot for a coffee. Now in my eyes all that walking up hills and being a Saturday I was allowed to be super naughty, hence why I indulged in this home made Scone with Clotted cream and Jam… eeeeek Diet out the Door this was delicious.
Now I couldn’t have thought of a better weekend to venture back home, BBQ on both Saturday and the Sunday. I was introduced to this most spectacular Cider… A mash up of Pimms and a Cider… Hello! Like me on a Warm day I can never decide wether I fancy a Cider or a Pimms… Now I don’t ever have to make that decision again. 😉
IMG_1711 2
Peace and Love people xx

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