Hoxton Radio in the Rain

If only I was as happy as Singing in the Rain but no… Today I got caught out in this blasted weather, I went against my strong beliefs that its Summer which means at all times you must expose your legs!
The jeans are back on… Cruddy! But in actual fact I wasn’t too upset as I still expressed some sort of summer in my outfit.
The jeans I wore wear a new buy before the summer, before it was too unbearable to wear anything too restricting. They are from Miss Selfridge, a great design, high waisted and elasticated perfect to suck everything in but on top of that they are extremely flexible meaning they are still comfortable when your active around London.
Being this tone of the blue it meant I was able to wear bright colours and whites, sometimes when you wear a dark pair of jeans it looks weird wearing summer items of clothing and possibly white shoes.
The top is a crop from Topshop, elasticated well worn to show off you assets, tiny waist and your lady bumps. By wearing a crop top it shows off the great design of these super skinny jeans.
Ok, so its raining but its that sticky weather where its still warm and you end up sweating with too many layers, I love this Kimono from Love a designer in the Oxford Street Topshop ( On the lower ground). ill let you into a little secret, I bought this for my little sister for her Bday present back in July… I ended up trying it on… Fell in love …so I kept it… whoops, am I a bad sister?! The bright colours are fab and the Kimono moves elegantly in the wind… so seductive 😉
The shoes I wore was these flatforms from a shop called Linzie, its only the second time I wore these shoes this summer and now I remember why… they cause mass blisters on the big toes… rubbish I ended up hobbling around London all day!
To avoid distressed hair I plaited the fringe around my head, giving the affect of wearing a head band… little do you know its my real hair.
Ok so the weather might portray the end of the summer but on my Hoxton radio show my playlist expressed vibes of the Summer.

Fresh new music was played from Blonde, Major Lazor and Jess Glynn.
As well as playing some deep house beats from Duke Dumont, George Fitzgerald and Maceo Plex.

I kept you updated on activities around London, featuring Slides and Scoops an adults playground, Nottinghill Carnival and Camden Backyard Cinema which initiates on Thursday for a daily cinema screening until the 4th September.

Listen again to my Radio Show here, and don’t forget to tune in Tuesday 12-2pm and Sunday 2-4pm



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