Kitten The Bang debut UK gig in Notting Hill Arts Club

Young and the City goes to Kitten The Band Gig

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Kitten an LA Band debut their first ever UK gig at Notting Hill Arts club on the 2nd September and I get front row seats to the crazy show they put on.
FullSizeRender 34
Firstly I would like to mention their supporting band was a soft entrance to the gig Chinah a band from Copenhagen also had their debut gig in the UK, they brought to the table a emotional, bassy psychedelic performance. The Dutch band made up of 3 male artist and the female lead singer. Their music was emtional powerful to the ears and the bass that sent shivers down my spine.
Check out their music, this is Away from me one of their recent releases.
Following Chinah was Kitten the Band made up of Chloe the lead singer which has been Charlix XCX supporting artist a couple years back. And 4 other male musician,  also from the US. I would like to take the time to point out a very hunky drummer with his blonde surfer hair whoa!
FullSizeRender 32 copy
Their performance was powerful from start to finish, head whipping, erotic dancing and lyrics that got the roof blown off. Their music has psychedelic, indie and even pop rock resemblance.
Chloe’s dancing stands out like no other performer, at one point she was grabbing the arm of the lead keyboard, almost pulling him off the instrument, the next she did a hand stand on stage and to top things off she hurled a fan from the stage and sung the end of a full throttle rock song from his shoulders.. I’m assuming the poor guy got more than he bargained for! Disclaimers where not given out at the start of the night… Bruised eyes might have occurred.
FullSizeRender 32
Heres a couple of tracks that really stood out for me live in the small arts club. Chloe also took on the challenge of singing two legends Prince and David Bowie, she conquered them with success.
Love me like a stranger
Why I wait
I love going to gigs and to be honest with the fashion you can literally get away with anything, personally I always recommend wearing dark colours. These skinny jeans are a great idea, they are high waisted and super stretching to allow all types of bogeying occur. Miss Selfridge do a great range of elasticated skinnys.
IMG_2073 2
Shoes need to be sensible, I always wear a small heel, just so I can get that foot above the rest. Shoes I wore on that particular day were these Kurt Geiger wedge trainers.
Tucked into the skinny jeans was this baggy strap t-shirt from Allsaints, The colours from Allsaints are all grunge and this T was particularly cool.
To give a subtle pop of colour to my outfit, I accessorised with an Orange Bag from Laura Ashley. The clasp on this bag is great for events like this as its hard for any one to try and pick pocket you.
IMG_2072 2
Gig make up was a hard eye shadow look on the lower eyes with bright bright red lippy, this ties in perfectly with the red head band I accessories with.

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