Young in the City :- Spanish Tapas at Barrafina


An Autumns Evening Tapas at Barrafina.

It feels like forever since I’ve been out for dinner with my friend Yinka, the summer has been the funnest and the busiest. I’ve been on holiday more than enough times in results it has put constraints on ones bank account.
Autumns set in and I wasn’t letting the cold weather keep me at home. On this particular day I was working until 4pm and suggested we should head to this Spanish Tapas place on Drury lane.
Barrafina is a Spanish tapas chain having 3 other restaurants in London, they do private dinning and walk ins. If your looking to reserve a table at this restaurant then you’ll have no chance unless you have pre booked a large group.
5pm was a great time to go to the restaurant it avoided waiting around for a table. The restaurant was small and swanky having bright lights and shinny marble surfaces, it attracted many business men in the area. By having only a large bar table around the kitchen and individual stalls it portrayed a smart casual wine bar vibe. But among everything the highlight was the live performances of the chefs cooking fresh in front of you.
The Spanish menu was full of fresh fish, meat and vegetables. Specials were announce by your waiter, which was great as they made a good report at the beginning which followed throughout the whole of your meal.
 Fresh fish was laid out on the ice behind the waiter which meant they could quite literally point at the different species of fish whilst explaining a dish giving you a Brucey bonus educational lesson.
Barrafina serves small dishes perfect for sharing, we ordered a prawn tempura each which came in its own adorable pot of chilli and garlic mayonnaise.
John Dory was picked afterwards, a perfectly pointed out fish displayed on the fountain of ice. Cooked in front of us and served with a little oil and fresh lime. The fish didn’t need much more than this as the freshness was just enough.
To accomply the fish dish we ordered stuffed courgette flower with cream cheese, lightly fried in a tempura batter giving a delicious soft crunch to the dish.
Beetroot is one of my all times favourite and this special was served with a light dressing and strong blue cheese… The strong cheese with the sweet vinegar made my taste buds pop!
Barrafina is known for their sherry cocktails, seeming as it was a school night I decided to control myself with a glass of Rosè Cava which gave the perfect crispness to cut through the powerful flavours.
Seeming as its one of the first nights of Autumn I quickly wanted to tell you about the OOTN. It was one of the first evenings where you really felt like the cold had set in. Wearing all black isn’t my thing and especially as the nights are getting longer I didn’t want to depress in colour, I wanted to emit. The yellow short sleeves jumper from H&M was the perfect attire, giving that subtle colour pop. IMG_3463
Faux leather shorts, also from H&M wide cut makes the legs slimming.
Sensible boot heels were from Allsaints, just enough heel for added height.
I’m slightly obsessed with light denier black tights, they are almost translucent, they can snare on anything sharp so be careful but they are the perfect solution to show off toned legs.
The temperature is that in between stage, too hot to wear thick tights and too cold to have bare legs.
FullSizeRender 5
A Leather Jacket, this one from Newlook, smartens up a casual jumper.
Check out my latest video of Young in the City talking all about my dinner at Barrafina

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