Repping a certain Villain at Hoxton Radio

FullSizeRenderIts been a while since I’ve done a Hoxton Radio vs Fashion blog post, but don’t worry I’m back baby!
Today I’m representing the sexiest bad ass wrestler I know aka Marty Scrull. The jumper is one of his merchandise that I ended up nabbing from him at the last wrestling match. Don’t worry he is also my best friend… so as payment for helping him out I grabbed this bad boy jumper.
How cool it is though? I’ve been to a few of his matches and he has some of the best designs!
So the vibes at Hoxton Radio were a little laid back, Its was cold… Mamma Mia its officially Autumn… the temperatures have rock bottomed and well the sun on this particular day has disappeared, hence the dark colours.
The jumper is a biggy but I like wearing a super baggy t-shirt underneath meaning my bum bum has a little more protecting from the chills but also sometimes I feel a little naked as these black legging are not really thick enough.
Fav trainers are still are the Black Nikes, walkable, flexible… perfect for busy days in London.
Now I could turn around to you and say that the reason for this big head band was added warmth for my ears, but I’m not gunna lie… my hair was a bit shambles today so I needed something big enough to hide the mess… oops!

Anyways this week I was a little aggier than usual, shock I know but I moan to you about people standing me up… And no, not a date although mind you I wish I had a date since its been some time that i’ve experienced one of those.

New Music was played from MNEK and Zara Larsson, Ellie Goulding and Disclosure.
I introduced the second hour of my show with an indie throwback, to the time when the lyrics portrayed my heartbreak years. Playing tracks from The Kooks, Bloc Party, Snow Patrol and Panic at the Disco.
Throughout my show I highlighted celebrity, music news and announcing cool things to do in London, like for instance Fabric’s 16th birthday weekender bender happening this Saturday 17th-Monday 19th and The London Cupcake and Macaroon tour happening this Saturday 17th.
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