Young in the City goes Shooting

To coincide my Dads birthday I bought him for Father’s Day, yes Father’s Days aka 2 months ago 2 tickets for a field day of shooting.

This deal was bought on Groupon 2 tickets for £36, spending 3 hours shooting a mixture of Archery, Crossbow, Air Rifles and to top things off we learnt how to knife throw. I mean what better way to spend a Saturday? A Perfect father daughter quality day out.
This isn’t just for guys, many females do it and to be quite honest ladies, it was a brilliant way to release any built up stress an not to mention we potentially have better aim.
We had to book in advance as it can get quite busy. The field day of shooting was held at The Falconry in Bedford 20 acres of countryside. Birds of prey were also on this establiment and children’s partys can be organised, its a really cool establishment catered for every age.
Throughout the day we were taught how to the use the weapons, I mean it was great, I’ve never done archery before so learning new techniques was awesome. I even got to imagine I was Kera Knightly in King Arthur for a split second…I mean, a little more covered up mind you.
If I’m being totally honest with you I did think, 3 hours in the cold countryside seemed a little long, but the structure was fabulous and having various, targets, foam zombies and bulls eye to aim at it made it a competitive but fun day.
Personally I would consider myself a natural… I even hit one of the harder targets in the air rifle and beheaded a Zombie with the crossbow. A* to me.
I can honestly say that this experience was a massive thumbs up, if you have your partners occasion coming up or if you want something fun to do than this is just the thing. Its gives you the excuse for taking a breather out of London, experiencing fresh air and aid stress relief.
If you can’t travel to Bedford as you really need to be able to drive then there are other deals all over London just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a bargain deal.

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