Breakfast at The Ace Hotel an Hoxton Radio


This has to be one of my favourite days of the week and to top it off I’ve been asked to go to a business breakfest with a new fashion brand “a day in the life” who they wish to do a collaboration with me.
I’m so excited for this brand as its new and exciting looking at real life different people who would relate to this unique fashion designer.
Breakfest was arranged at The Ace Hotel a swanky  place in the heart of Shoreditch. As you walk in they have the most unbelievable vast amount of plants which are highlighted by bright lights, it is some what eye catching.
We decided to eat in the gallery as the dining area looked a bit formal for our meeting.  Once I arrive I order a green tea followed by a soya cappuccino, pretty looking but wasn’t the best coffee I’ve had in the East end.
During our meeting breakfast was ordered, I’m in love with avocado at the moment but when my poached eggs and avocado on toast arrived I got more than I bargained for. It tasted lovely with the hint of chilli made my taste buds wake up. Although the presentation on the other hand looked a bit big and vulgar and even my love of avocados couldn’t make me finish the dish.
From breakfast and straight to the radio I brought feel good vibes to my Tuesday Show.

Fresh new tracks from my favourite Dj’s were played. Skin Deep, Dusky was my go to track of the week.

Monday Motivation turn Tuesday motivation was “Itch” from Nothing but Thieves, a band I was recently introduced to and now I’m utterly obsessed.

To spice things up I dedicated the first part of the second hour of my show to Power Ballads including songs from David Bowie, Anastasia and Cyndi Lauper.

Wana listen again to my radio?! Check it out here…

Ok a little Fashion update, Autumn colours are in full swing and to compliment the season I wore this beautiful green floral print I bought it from ASOS although the designer is “Daisy Street”
The sleeves are wide half arm and the neck is a turtle collar which portrays a cool 60’s Vibe. It’s quite a short dress so wearing tights is applicable.
It’s most definitely boot season and with this sort of dress heels are a good option, these were bought from a boutique in Berkhamsted they have a hidden heel 😉IMG_3808
Rain is on the way in London and this light weight Mac not only keeps you warm it’s easy to pack in your bag when it gets a bit stuffy travelling… Mainly underground.
Make sure you listen live to my radio show 12-2 Tuesday’s and Sunday 2-4pm
Only on Hoxton Radio 🙂

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