Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Hey Y’all, I thought it would be a great idea to create a super cool Halloween Make Up.
Below is the Video taking you through a step by step guide to this scary face Make Up.
If you have make up on, wipe off one side of your face with a facial wipe.
The side that has no make up on thickly cover with white face paint, use a damp sponge to apply. This might take several coats but make sure you have a smooth coverage.
Using a small detailed brush and black face paint define features on your face, eyebrows, cheekbones jaw line. Use a blunt brush to create a shadowing effect by smudging and Black eyeshadow.
To blend both sides of the face the lip has the same dark blood lip. Use a black lip liner or eyeliner to line the lip. Fill the lip with a red lipstick massage the lips together to blend the black liner creating an umbre affect.  IMG_1327
It’s time to define more features, I draw an outline of an open section of the mouth showing off some teeth, I shadow the teeth so they almost look 3D. Filling in the middle section with a mixture of red lipstick and black eyeshadow, it gives a nice shinny affect. Don’t forget to draw details on your neck so it looks like ur spine.
6) It’s time to make the eye stand out with a strong Cat eye, using a thick black eyeliner to line and tons of Mascara.
7)To complete the look make up the otherside of your face using simple cat eyes and strong blush.
Hope you like my How to Halloween… Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube for more Beauty Ideas.

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