Zalon Interview on Hoxton Radio with Emma CB

Tuesday every single week I enter Hoxton Radio with Fun, Enthusiasm and above all else Epic party tunes. Playing House tracks from 99 Souls, Redlight and Disciples. Funky Remixes to Adele Hello and The Foxes Better Love were also in the Mix… nearer the end of the show I also dedicated a back to back Seal “ Kiss from a Rose and Daylight savings was played.
Listen to the full show here on Mixcloud… 

This Tuesday was exceptionally exciting as I had a guest in the studio for a Live interview, now the last time I met this cool slick dude was two years ago at a Google+ gig he was dressed head to toe in pink, his 10 piece band taking up the majority of the artist space so when we met today, I didn’t expect anything less from him and his cool swag radiating confidence.
I welcome to the studio Zalon Thompson, Singer Songwriter, best friend and backing singer to the late Amy Winehouse.
I spoke to Zalon about his current EP “Smooth Operator” and the 2016 album Liquid Sonic Sex and the 1st time Nomination for the Urban Music awards, also touching on subject of Amy Winehouse and how he made the transition into this urban, soulful solo singer he is today
Check out the Full interview here with Zalon…
Also make sure your vote for him Urban Music Award.
Now its time for a little Fashion injection, I mean why the hell not. The playsuit I wore on this special day at the radio was from ASOS it has a cool print which gives off a 60’s vibe. I love playsuits although mind you it is a bit of agg when you have to go to the toilet.
Shoes are none other than the popular Flatforms from ebay I always end up wearing as they provide comfort.
Coat is from Primark but portrays luxury with the large faux fur collar,
And top off the 1960’s 70’s vibe I plait my hair around my head as the weather outside was nasty windy and I didn’t want to look like I had been pull through the ugly hedge backwards.
Make sure you tune in to my Radio Show every Tuesday 12-2pm and Sunday 2-4pm.

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