Young in the City: Greenwich aka London


I’ve been living in London for a total of 2.5 years and I’ve never really ventures that far South East? Well maybe once for a casting but that was held in a hotel right next to the Station, that doesn’t count does it?

My hopes were set for a glorious day strolling around the beautiful green parks and the elaborate buildings, showing off the marine history but no!  I was unfortunately not that lucky, the rain was horrendous making any possible walking outings unrealistic. Nonetheless my little sister was teaching dance in the area so I still intended to meet her for a spot of lunch.
We met at Jamie’s Italian on the high street, now don’t get me wrong I’m not the kind of person that likes going to chain restaurants but there wasnt much choice. Cafe Rouge, Pizza Express, a few Noodle places, a couple of pubs which looked like the local brewery, in fact Jordana and I walked in one pub, turned around and left… Not our sort of style.
We picked Jamie’s Italian as we both agreed that it’s been years since our last visit. You know what? I’m quite glad we did eat at Jamie’s the establishment had a lovely vibe, open plan, friendly waiters and unique Aperitif.
The Elderflower Fizz was a perfect way to start a meal, refreshing, light with a bonus ahh feeling. My sister went for a sweet strawberry pink thing, I was too preoccupied with the elderflower fizz to remember the name of hers.
That day I got lost running, don’t laugh I started off in Regents Park and eneded up in St Johns Wood a 30 min run turned into an hour, I wanted something healthy for lunch to refuel my energy stores… Well I just knew I wanted to ruin it afterwards with something so sugary that it would rot your teeth.
I opted for a winter vegetable dish with salmon, it was all a bit bizzar if I’m being totally honest with you. I was slightly expecting warm salmon with warm vegetables but it was like a cold vegetable salad. Strange yes but the flavours were vibrant and fresh. On the total opposite side of the scale my sister decided to let loose on the Saturday and order a burger, which was quite literally bigger than her head, crisp and juicy that was the ultimate cheat meal.
Top marks for the taste and the individuality of food and drinks. Our bill came to £40 with drinks and food… Fairly reasonable for the quality of the place and for a celebrity brand name.
From here we went for a little wonder, not too far and certainly some where rainproof. Greenwich Village Market was in full swing offering all the best sweets, food, decoration and the unusual finds.
Vintage IMG_4700
Handmade Chocolates with very different and unusual flavours.IMG_4681
Hand Made Macaroons including Red velvet and OreosIMG_4678
Chinese Street food was available IMG_4682
Vanilla and Raspberry Gluten Free Cupcakes, Treats for all…
To finish off our day we hit a coffee shop for our injection of sugar, I can’t quite remember the name but it was opposite the Cinema. The Coffee place was run by Italians serving delicate homemade cakes, we certainly devoured our Banoffee Pie and Salted Carmel Brownie.
Trust our luck that we didn’t enjoy Greenwich to its full potential, I wanted to walk around their beautiful parks soak in the history of that part of town but instead we got wet and soggy… Although I suppose at least we ended on a sugary high.
Emma x

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