What to do in London when it Rains

What to do in London when it’s Rainy

Ok guys so as you can probably tell we are getting a little soggier than usual, umbrellas are sporadically bought in places like Boots and well to be quite frank they are being left on public transport, restaurants, cloakrooms unintentionally.
Personally I long for the warmth, and let’s face it London could be closely compared to the dingiest part of Hell when it rains. The thought of leaving the house to feel dampness down to the bone, erugh nop not for me.
But we can’t always stay in when the weather gets the better of us. London is such a cool place with many rain proof options. Here’s some cool ideas.
There are tons of Museums in London plenty of them are free of charge, The National History, Science and The War Museum. The main Museums of london can be quite busy all the time so I would recommend checking out some different museum less touristy like for instance
Transport Museum in Covent Garden.
The Museum of London (currently hosting a Crime Exhibition until April 2016)
The V&A hold great exhibitions, in the past there has been Ziggy Stardust aka David Bowie exhibition.
2)Art Exhibitions, there are so many different exhibition going on in London check them out on Time out, Stylist and many more . Tate Modern is the largest Art Gallery situated on South Bank holding thousands of art pieces. Barbican, is another place to visit portraits and sculptures, a couple of years back they had an epic Kylie Minogue  exhibition where you got to see all of her tour wardrobe.
Just recently I went to the Alexander McQueen Fashion Exhibition at the V&A, that was fabulous The Rolling  Stone have an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery close to Solane Square in Chelsea next year 2016 which will be full of their memorabilia, things people threw on stage aka Underwear… The point I’m making is there are many exhibitions out their in London… investigate 🙂
There are several ways into the market. This one is on Stoney Street.
Many of these Markets are under one roof, Spitalfields Market, Brixton Village and Borourgh Market by London Bridge. Most of these are rain tight and have a wide variety of Food, Drink, Clothes and interesting bits and bobs. Cakes are my weakness but I always know I can pick a scrummy treat at one of these places.
11938011_10153230627941339_3126576421347648868_n birdseye-oldsptialfieds 08-30-36-189
4)Bounce Ping Pong  have just recently opened their second establishment in London and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Bounce is a cool place to hang, grab a drink, food and get competitive over a game of Ping Pong. Theres funky music to get you pumped and forget about all the dampness going on outside.
5)Houses of Parliament
I managed to go to Houses of Parliament at the start of the year, grab a tour guide and find out fantastic things about this amazing place.
1662278_10152650200141339_7397296510058969996_n 08-30-54-516

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