New Years Resolutions


New Years Resolutions, do we even stick to these goals that we set at the start of every Year? I doubt it very much but nonetheless this year I actually wanted to set some goals and being the way I am, I will be determined to achieve them.

Looking back over 2015 I am thrilled with my achievements, I might not have cracked the Presenting industry but that doesn’t mean I’m not going in the right direction.
I may not have left the restaurant that I’ve been working at, to fund my living in London but comparing myself this time last year, I’m hardly there and for once, I’m actually happy working in that establiment. I find it’s good switching up work and it good to know that this is just a stepping stone, a means to the end.
So Resolution No1 Finally be able to support myself living in London and not working as a Waitress.
When I decided not to follow my Maths Degree, finding a job in Finance, statistics or some mind blowing well paid job. To pursue my dream as a Presenter I must have signed my soul away to the devil. How my life would have been simple with a normal job, these few years pushing my presenting has been the hardest of my life. Dealing with rejection after rejection, trailing and error, being productive all hours of the day, never really switching off. In 2015 I hosted my very own gig, this was a huge achievement for me, organising the talent, the videographers and of course hosting the event.
I started producing and presenting two shows on Hoxton Radio all in my free time and knowing I will not be paid for the input my passion and ambition pushed me forward. I’ve manage to present for some pretty cool things and meet some great people in the industry some of which willing to help me.
FullSizeRender 2
Resolution No2
Continue to branch out, speak to new people, be nice as  possible as you will be surprised that the reaction will be reciprocated.
Now here’s where I open up a little, I can honestly say that 2015 started off with heart break, which massively knocked my confidence. When your the dumpee you question everything about yourself… Why?
Since then I can honestly say that I haven’t had a date in what a whole year let alone kiss a guy.
Recently I’ve felt as though I’m Drew Barrymore in the film “Never been Kissed” I’m practically a born again Virgin.
I guess after you break up with someone you build a wall, but in my case when it comes to guys nothing ever works out so I’ve built up a wall, covered in cement, plated with steal, covered in barbed wire and an electrical fence to top it off.
I believe for you to be happy with any one, you need to be happy by yourself.
So finally Resolution No3 break down those barriers, enjoy each day as it comes. Relax enjoy going on dates with guys and for God’s sake bloody well “kiss the boy” in the word of Sebastian from the Little Mermaid.
Here are a Few more fantastic highlights of 2015, let 2016 be just as great 🙂
Up 02
Having Great Friends around me xXx
Family Holiday to Girona Spain
Its been a Good Year 🙂

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