First Date in a Year… What?! @ The Crazy Bear, Fitzrovia

Believe it or not, I got asked out on a date, the first date in a year! … A year! What am I a dragon?
Sometimes I wonder when I look in the mirror do I appear different? Have I got scales or maybe two heads? Well it must be something… I mean the first date in a year, are you serious? Nonetheless I plucked up the courage and accepted the date.
It seemed all a bit mysterious, being told where to meet, what time? I have to admit I did enjoy the secrecy even though it did make me a tad more nervous than usual. It’s such a turn on when the guy organises the night. For once us females can relax… Well, try and relax, it’s hard when your such a control freak.
7:30 we were set to meet, Goodge Street for drinks. Doing what females do, I tried to investigate all the local bar places around the area, so I knew how to dress? The last thing I wanted to do is wear something too over the top or wear something to casual, this will in order make you stand out, for all the wrong reasons. My search was unsuccessful a few pubs were listed as well as a few casual cocktail chains.
When not knowing the location I tend to dress quite happy medium, in this case I went for a turtle collar dress from Topshop, the darker shades portrayed a casual feel. Maybe a bit too casual to wear with flats, this could be a perfect day time dress with flat shoes but we need to make a good impresses so heels were in order, walkable boots from River Island, this smartens the outfit as well as making you feel more feminine.
A gold chain necklace was perfect to accessorise in order to glam the outfit up.
So all my suggestions were incorrect. The destination was a new one for me, The Crazy Bear on Whitfield street.
Now don’t get me wrong I have in fact herd of The Crazy Bear an outrageous Hotel in Beaconsfield I know this because my family live close to this hotel and well, everyone’s herd of the elaborate hotel filled with weird and wonderful decorations situated in the old English, rah rah Countryside.
Ok so going back to The Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia , it appeared a small establishment from the front and well, when you don’t know what your looking for, you kind of had a hunch when you walk past a building with bright lights and a fair amount of forestry on outside. 900x600-f-bar-1
The Crazy Bear is split on two levels the upper was the restaurant and lower was the bar. Walking down the mirror decorated stairs, first impressions of this bar was super swanky, a host waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs, taking your coats and sitting you down in the moody bar.
This place is a perfect first date location, elegant, dark with a great cocktail menu.
I mean a huge selection of cocktails, there was at least three pages of cocktails many specific to a particular spirit. My favourite cocktail of all time is an Espresso Martini, boozey with a buzz. Although mind you I limit these to just the one a night as its bound to keep me up all night with heart flutters.
My date went for a Porn Star, classy and very elegant, you can sum a guy up by the drink he drinks. Real men drink whiskey, apparently it puts hairs on your chest. Just playing…
The Porn Star was actually selected by me, as this was my second choice following close behind an Espresso Martini in favourites.
Personally you can’t go wrong with a passion fruit martini with a shot of Champagne, mmmm tastey. Just how ladies should be, sweet with hit of buzz and excitement.
We chatted for ages and sipped on cocktails, I think drinks on a first date is perfect it breaks the ice, relaxes you and then me being me open up all my deepest darkest secrets. Luckily he asked for a second date because after a few brewskis I end up describing myself a psycho anti-Men,  Bitch Dragon with a stone heart… How delightful.
Before I started to divulge my secrets of my bad girl past I thought this was a good time to slip to the toilet as I knew this would be a long topic to jab on about without interruptions.
What jokes, I had to ask the waiter to show me where the toilets were and to be honest the bar wasn’t that big so there couldn’t have be many places to put the loos but trust me it was impossible to find.
The toilets were hidden, it was all a bit dark and mysterious but as you walked into the toilets it almost took a second before your eyes adjusted to the surroundings. It was black, pitch black with a few sparkly lights and mirrors quite literally everywhere it was like a scene out of a creepy horror circus where your trapped in a room full of mirrors not knowing what’s a door or what’s a wall? If anything it tripped my brain and how delightful when you actually found the toilet you can watch yourself pee as there was huge mirror covering the opposite wall. Not a pretty sight?!
To finish the night I opted for one more cocktail, a Mule, the combination of Ginger beer, elderflower and Gin will make anybody giddy.
FullSizeRender 12
Being such a Gentlemen he walked me to the station and we parted ways, there was no kiss just a swift wave a little hug?! I mean this did question me, with a few drinks down me I turn into floozy, I don’t mind a snog on the first date but what stopped me? Was is Nerves? Surely not?! Or was there no chemical attraction? There was no ” I want to jump on you now feeling” Hmm, quite the confusing feeling?! but Date Two is on the cards so let’s see if anything progresses…. Debatable?!

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