Could it be? I bagged a 2nd Date? : The Riding House Cafe..


Screen-shot-2011-04-25-at-01.45.35Like I said on my previous blog I had bagged myself another date, “Get in”.
The location this time was a little less of a mystery destination “The Riding House Cafe” on Great Titchfield street just behind Oxford Circus.
I have been once before to this establishment for a meeting, only teas and coffees were involved, this time it was Din Dins so very civilised. Being the first week of January I’m trying to consider a Dry January and healthy food options.
At the weekend, I have a photoshoot, a gym Photoshoot which means I’ll be half naked with my belly out… Something I take serious because believe it or not I’m a very body conscious person. Therefore this dinner date will be strictly healthy… Fingers crossed.
Still recovering from NYE I took myself out shopping, and let me tell you this, retail therapy is the source to any downer days. This is where I bought my outfit for this Dinner Date.
The Riding House cafe is quite a relaxed place, nice decorations a typical place where the media industry reunite. So needless to say I need to look like I’ve made an effort with out over doing it.
This off the shoulder jumper from H&M is perfect date material showing off small bits of flesh, my opinion I find the shoulders and back quite a sensual place to be seen, very feminine.
Accompanying the jumper are a pair of super skinny, stretchy high waisted jeans from Miss Selfridge. No one likes the aggravation of low risers falling down whilst eating or uncomfortable jeans digging in.
On my Shopping come down, I got sucked into the sales and discounts and I found myself trying on a pair of white and black Ash Footwear. Erm, well… I understand the feeling that Cinderella had when she realised glass shoe fit. I definitely had a moment with these shoes they made me forget that the festive times had passed and put a smile back on my face.IMG_6562
Ok so going back to The Riding House Cafe, we were situated on a lovely corner table with lovely comfy velvetish seats, very swarve.
We shared a starter, it was diced oak smoked chicken in a light cream with additional salted corn and crunchy peppers to set off all textures in your mouth. It was served with crisp toast, a super delicate sharing starter.
Now when it came to ordering my main course I tried to avoid looking at all the delicious sounding food such as Macaroni Cheese Fritter or the Honey-Glazed Duck Breast. Like I told myself 5 days… 5 days until ill be wearing a crop top in a gym… So lets be sensible now. The Riding House Cafe did an amazing range of salads and in particular super salads, leaves, grains, vegetables such a great selection.
When it comes to salads there is one combination that always takes my fancy and it tends to involve Beetroot and Walnuts. The tanginess of the root with the almost sweetness of the nut makes my taste buds really happy. To make this salad pop further Goats cheese is a great addition. In this case there was no Goats cheese but the squeaky Halloumi cheese was the perfect substitute.
Desserts were offered and it took all my will to decline, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant where there were far too many mouthwatering desserts. I mean the usual Restaurant I go to will have one or two yummy puddings  but The Riding House Cafe had many my favourites; Red Velvet Cake, Cinnamon Doughnuts, Gingerbread, Sweet Potato Pie. How is this possible?! I’ve decided the next time I’m meeting up with my friends I’m going to The Riding House Cafe just for desserts…Fact!
Now to conclude, the second date was lovely I had a really nice night. Talking till my jaw hurt, I got to try out my new clothing garms, and the food at The Riding House Cafe was amazing but I guess there was a disconnection. Unfortunately there was no spark ignition. Why is it when I find someone who I really get on well with, talk for days I end up friend zoning them? Arg am I destined to fall for someone with no chat? Oh well back to the drawing board I go.

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