Recent Gym shoot at Gymbox for PT Dean Delandro


A few weeks back, actually the first week of January, whilst everyone else was beating the festive bulge I had to shape up fast for a gym shoot at Gymbox, Holborn. This was for my very good friend Dean Delandro Personal trainer at this establishment, whom of which needed pictures for his brand new website.

IMG_7309We had a variety of different scenes to cover and we discussed having two changes of clothes. The above picture I’m representing Forever 21

Forever 21 at the moment has a great selection of fancy athletic wear meaning, money shouldn’t be an excuse to head to the Gym or out for a Run. The Crop top is a Funky number, having many straps to this crop gives it great sex appeal. The black leggings have a small interesting detail at the bottom making the set fashionable and a affordable wear.

IMG_7310IMG_7308The second clothing attire was a mix of brand and unbranded items. The Top was from Primark. Its appears in Primark the popular New Year resolutions “To get Fit” campaign has got Primark bringing out a huge variety of colourful active wear. The Active wear at Primark is at bargain price, meaning you could go to the gym every single day and wear something completely different and funky. Now this is total contrast to branded items where if you headed to Nike Town on Oxford Circus, with the same amount of money you would be leaving with half the amount of clothes.

For instance if we waned to find a Nike or Adidas Top which might have a Logo on it, it could be double the price of a top from Primark, same style, same colour minus the Logo.


In my eyes its simple, we can buy a variety of items for the same amount of money as one piece of active wear from a branded sports shop.

Now this doesn’t mean I’m against branded sports wear, quite the opposite. I’m an athlete, or was an athlete, Swimmer and a Runner. I know what I’m most comfortable in or what items of Sportswear are best suited for me.

When I do long runs I tend to only wear Asics Trainers as I know thats the only type of shoes that I wear which I feel comfortable in and that gives me the right support.

Ladies we all understand what it feels like when you wear shorts that are too short or too tight. I know I have a bottom, i’m proud of my curves so the last thing I need is embarrassment when my shorts turn into a thong whilst doing a squat… hmmm… ewwww Not Nice.

IMG_7311These shorts are from Nike, what I love about them are they have a inner lining inside the shorts aka it makes me feel like I’m wearing pantys. They are a loose material with splits up the side, allowing a wide range of movements. I have to admit, Nike Shorts and Adidas shorts are the only type of short I ever buy when I hit the Gym. Like I said, you need to work out, you don’t want to be self aware. So stay comfortable in your body and clothes.



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