London Nights: JinJuu and Aqua

IMG_7225For once in a blue moon, I actually had a Saturday night off so instead of mooching at home and turning into a couch potato I thought what better way to spend it, than being civilised… well semi civilised dinner with friends.


The organisation of the restaurant was left up to my boy friends Kay and Dean. Kay suggested we go to Jinjuu a super popular restaurant in Kingley court, Carnaby street a Authentic Korean Street food establishment. The table was booked at 9pm so I suggested we had an apertif at Aqua in Oxford Circus.


Aqua, Oxford Circus is a a really nice bar to go to for drinks, in the summer time it’s even better, they have a roof terrace where you can sip on sexy Martinis looking over the skyline of London.


But being at the end of January that option didn’t occur. This would be a great date spot, an open circular bar, really busy. Maybe a piece of advice if your thinking this is a great location for a special event try booking a table by the bar as it can get pretty crowed.

FullSizeRender 15

Jinjuu is beautifully decorated Restaurant with dark scenery highlighted  with strong green lights. Authentic Asian Lanterns decorated the interior of this restaurant.
Kay being half Asian took it  on himself to order the food, for which I was internally grateful.


We stared off with Spicy prawn Crackers and a fresh bean salad, Kong Bowl.

Next came was Bibimbap Bowls, 2 between the two of us. Within in this dish was a selection of Rice, Chicken, seasonal vegetables topped with a fried egg. Such a delightful dish, crunchy, spicy and packed with tons of flavour you can add a super hot sauce for a wicked kick.


If in being totally honest I would have been perfectly fine with just eating Bimbinbap all evening so when the waiter announced that he was about to bring the Chicken my Jaw hit the floor when I saw quite literally a whole chicken deep fried approach.


Hell Yeah! this is a new delight for my taste buds, deep fried chicken with sides of  Asian slaw, pickled white radish, & roasted corn salsa.

Now if in being total honest with you, I was going to be good, sticking with my Hendricks Gin and Tonic with a slice of Cucumber but the Personal trainer friend obviously was having a cheat day and suggested we order the king of dessert Jinjuu Dessert Plate which was a selection of four desserts.

IMG_7256Baked chocolate & boricha (roasted barley) ganache, cocoa nibs & hazelnuts, milk ice cream. Fried Apple Mandoo Pie 5.5 Cinnamon sugar, maple yoghurt. Sticky Jujube Pudding 6 Maesil (plum wine) caramel, vanilla ice cream. Snickers Hotteok 7 Flat Korean doughnut stuffed with salted caramel & roasted peanuts, peanut parfait, chocolate ganache, praline & Nutella powder. I mean if your gunna go all out you may as well smash it out the park 😉

Jinjuu, was a delightful vibrant place to eat at, it has great decorations, food was packed with flavour the service was fabulous. Being a popular place central London make sure you book, especially on a Saturday.



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